Group Ancestral Lineage Clearing (replays)

Get “forever green” access to the group session(s) you purchase.

You can use and reuse the sessions to work through multiple issues or go deeper with just one. 

Group ALC Session: Holidays & Family (Replay)

$99 value $69.00 (lifetime access)

Reduce Holiday stress, anxiety, and pain by letting go of the past. Release the pain and free the future for future joyous holiday seasons.

  • Do you have difficult memories of family holidays?
  • Were family holiday filled with arguments, fighting, excessive drinking and hurt feelings?
  • Are you from a family with estranged members, secrets and hidden agendas that interfere with having Happy Holidays?
  • Do you want to create a happy holiday tradition in your home?

Join Ariann in a Group Ancestral Lineage Clearing Session (replay) to clear issues in your past regarding the Holiday Season.

Group ALC Session – Clearing Family Heritage of the Pain of War

$99 value $69.00 (lifetime access)

Get help from the ancestors coping with the current disruptions in the world peace and harmony with this Group Ancestral Lineage Clearing Session to clear the family heritage of pain and loss from war, violence, and conflict.

Throughout the ages, our ancestors have survived the traumas of multiple times of wars, local conflicts, violence, evacuations, loss, and more. They may not have found peace in their lifetime, but they can help you clear the old energies that keep you from finding it for yourself and your families. Our ancestors can advise and guide us.

We can learn to confront our anxiety and stress with the help of our ancestors. We can embrace our family heritage and honor our ancestors while clearing conflict and violence within ourselves and on the planet.

Join Ariann in this journey towards healing. Come together and find support with others to heal the world for a brighter future.

Group Ancestral Connection Session- Prosperity and Abundance

$99 value $69.00 (lifetime access) 

Prosperity and Abundance is Your Heritage

Is the part of your life involving money, success, and abundance out of harmony or balance? All parts of your life should be happy. We are here to enjoy life!

Many people struggle all their lives trying to attain stability in making a living to support family and meet survival needs. We are meant to live a prosperous and abundant life.

If you want a Better Life, change patterns of past history and:

  • Retrieve the abundance and prosperity you deserve and release poverty and lack.
  • Refresh your soul and the desire for fulfillment and satisfaction by finding right livelihood and your soul’s purpose.
  • Reclaim your power and ability to succeed and thrive.
  • Release past family patterns that reinforce slave, servitude, and dependent mentality from your DNA.

Group ALC Session – Change, Release, and Flow 

$99 value $69.00 (lifetime access)

The Fall 2022 Eclipse Season gives us the opportunity to look at the continuing changes and disruptions in the world and begin again. As the Sun and Moon cover each other during the eclipses, and the leaves let go from the trees at the right time, we can let go of what holds us back from a healthy, expansive, and secure life.

In this session, we will ask the ancestors for support and guidance dealing with:

  1. Adapting to rapidly changing circumstances.
  2. Letting go of past patterns that no longer serve us.
  3. Embracing the approaching future.
  4. Staying in the flow of energy as it moves through the external world.
  5. Discovering emotional and mental self-worth, self-trust, confidence, and trust in the Universal abundance.
  6. Finding the inner strength, wisdom, and love to repair and maintain relationships under stress.
  7. Uncover the joy of living in the present with an uncertain future.

World consciousness is trying to find a new balance in the midst of these continuing fluctuation in politics, energy and the economy. The energy field surrounding the planet holds this tension, anxiety, and fear in the collective unconscious. We can change the energy of consciousness when we deal with our own fears and doubts.

Group Ancestral Connection – Adaptability, Resilience, Inner Strength

$99 value $69.00 (lifetime access) 

The world is unsettled and changing faster than ever. We all just want things back to normal! When the Coronavirus emerged, we expected once the vaccine was available, life would return to ‘normal.’  However, our world is forever changed, unlikely to ever revert to what it was before the virus. Now we have conflict and violence in the Ukraine and Sudan, with continued gun violence in the US and globally.

These changing situation cause:

  • Anxiety about the future.
  • A lack of confidence in judgment, self-worth, or adaptability.
  • Fear of illness or death.
  • Inability to access health care or limited availability of providers.
  • Worry about the stability of the economy, jobs, career, and financial security.
  • Concerns about safety, security, and peace.
  • Stagnation, being stuck and frozen in difficulties.
  • Relationship upheavals from stress.

World consciousness has shifted as a result of the ongoing stress of the virus and fear of conflict. The energy field surrounding us holds this tension, anxiety, and fear in the collective unconscious.

Group ALC Session: Mother’s Day

$99 value $69.00 (lifetime access)

Did you have a difficult relationship with your Mother?

  • Was she absent physically, mentally, or emotionally? Were you given up by your birth mother and adopted?
  • Did she suffer from a physical illness, depression, mental illness, or was she unable to cope emotionally with family responsibilities? Was she able to fully engage as a mother?
  • Did your Mother physically, mentally, sexually, or emotionally abuse you or others in the home? Was she excessively controlling, dominating, or narcissistic? Or was she passive, submissive, and manipulative?
  • Was there financial stress so your Mother’s attention was directed to survival and safety instead of nurturing? Did she work long hours outside home, so she was unable to meet your needs?
  • Is there a generational pattern of maternal neglect or abandonment in your family?
  • Did your Mother favor one of the children in the family and exclude you from her attention and affection?

Having a frustrating maternal relationship with your primary mother figure can cause relationship issues in intimate partnerships in later life. This session is designed to improve your relationship with your Mother and all the women in your life, including your daughters, granddaughters, and others.

Group ALC Session: Father’s Day

$99 value $69.00 (lifetime access)

Have you always longed for a great relationship with your father, but the reality was far from ideal in your family?

  • Was your father absent from abandonment, death, disease, PTSD, war, alcoholism, drug addiction, or neglect?
  • Was he abusive, violent, mentally ill, or a workaholic?
  • Or, was he merely an invisible father, leaving child-rearing to the mother figure and appearing only to mete out punishment or orders?
  • Is there a pattern of generational father neglect or abuse in your family background?

In an Ancestral Lineage Clearing, Ariann uses a Shamanic healing and clearing process to transform the generational family pattern for you and your descendants.

Group Session: Valentine Love Karma Release

$99 value $69.00 (lifetime access)

When it comes to holidays like Valentine’s Day, do you feel extra lonely? Do you find yourself alone while everyone else is celebrating with their loved one?

Are you still looking for your Beloved, the Love of Your Life? Or is your marriage foundering because of blocks and tension you can’t seem to overcome, particularly during times of stress such as the confinement of 2020 during with the enforced shutdowns.

By releasing past life Karma, you will:

  • Release ties and connections to former partners and lovers,
  • Dispel feelings of shame, guilt, anger, betrayal, and self-doubt left over from past lives and relationships,
  • Let go of attachments and cords draining your energy and holding you back,
  • Clear old vows and promises interfering with the present ability to find and increase love,
  • Discharge sacred contracts from past lives that no longer serve you,
  • Remove blocks from other times and dimensions hampering the ability to find true love now.

In this Karma Release Session, Ariann uses a Shamanic healing and clearing process to transform and release the old energies that have kept you from experiencing the love you have longed for. 

Group ALC Session: Coping with Loneliness and Isolation

$99 value $69.00 (lifetime access)

Are you suffering from the effects of the coronavirus or the imposed lockdowns and enforced sheltering? Are you feeling:

  • Lonely and isolated?
  • Depressed and hopeless?
  • Uncertain about the future?
  • Overwhelmed with dealing with finances, family, relationships without support?
  • Frightened by the idea of contracting the virus or its secondary effects?
  • Panicked about finances, job, continuing education, career choices, or paying the rent?
  • Stuck wishing for the way it was because you cannot plan ahead?

Lockdowns and sheltering have created a secondary pandemic affecting the world today—loneliness and isolation. Humans are social creatures who need personal interaction to flourish. Our ancestors dealt with these issues over the millennia. They can help us find our way through.

FREE Covid-19 Ancestral Healing Session $99 Value

Ariann held two group Ancestral Healing Sessions for Covid-19 in March 2020.

You receive access to both of these recorded sessions. You can listen to the meditations as often as you like to heal multiple levels with the help of your ancestors. Our ancestors are happy to reach out and give their assistance and help us make it through to live a new life of health, wealth, love, joy and commitment to the world and to the future.

You will also get an extra meditation Ariann did for One Earth One Heart where she will guide you deeply into your DNA.

Ancestral Lineage Clearing Meditation FREE to You ($99.99 value)

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