Group ALC Session – Clearing Family Heritage of the Pain of War


Clearing Family Heritage of the Pain of War:

Healing Emotions from World Conflicts

The recent eruption of violence and conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and Israel and Hamas have triggered emotions in some people associated with such hostilities like feelings of fear, grief, loss, pain, suffering, anxiety, stress, depression, or guilt.

It may seem like conflict, violence and war have always existed in the world. Our ancestors lived with violence and oppression throughout the ages. And we now know through epigenetics that we have inherited our ancestors’ memories, traumas, and emotions from the past.

At times, this heritage can weigh us down with the ancient burdens experienced by our ancestors from other wars, violence, invasions, and conflicts. Although it’s natural to try to avoid news of war, in modern society we can’t avoid learning about world events. Since our DNA holds the legacy and traumas of past victims or perpetrators of war, and we may feel trapped in the world’s cycle of conflict and violence. The pain of our ancestors and family heritage may be overwhelming.

How have these current events involving Ukraine, Russia, Israel, and Hamas affected you? Do you find yourself experiencing:

  • feeling fearful, anxious, or depressed when you consider the violence?
  • feeling like you will be swept up in the conflicts?
  • having unaccounted for feelings of guilt or horror even though you have never been a soldier?
  • concern for a family member or ancestor who has been a victim in war during your lifetime? Or family members who are or have been of soldiers, law enforcement, or prison personnel?
  • worried that peace is impossible in the world and you are helpless?
  • obsessively seeking news of the conflicts, needing to know how each is progressing to search for a feeling of safety?
  • avoiding news of the wars, trying to shield your emotions from the fear and horror.
  • feeling like war will overtake you, your family, or the world?

There is hope. We can choose to heal from the wounds of the past with the help of our ancestors.

This is a recorded session from November 2023 to help you clear the family heritage of pain and loss from war, violence, and conflict. 

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The science of epigenetics has shown that we have the power to shift our genetic heritage and heal the pain of the past.

A loving source of relief is our ancestors.

Throughout the ages, our ancestors have survived the traumas of multiple times of wars, local conflicts, violence, evacuations, loss, and more. They may not have found peace in their lifetime, but they can help you clear the old energies that keep you from finding it for yourself and your families. Our ancestors can advise and guide us.

In this session, we will ask the ancestors for support and guidance dealing with:

  1. Letting go of past patterns of violence, fear and doubt that no longer serve us.
  2. Embracing the hope of peace  and harmony in approaching the future with confidence and trust.
  3. Bringing in the flow of the energy of peace and unconditional love as it moves through the external world.
  4. Discovering emotional and mental self-worth, self-trust, confidence, and trust in the Universal support.
  5. Finding the inner strength, wisdom, and love to trust ourselves and others knowing the Universe’s intention is for peace and happiness.
  6. Live in the present with joy and harmony knowing the Universe desires the best for all.

We can learn to confront our anxiety and stress with the help of our ancestors. We can embrace our family heritage and honor our ancestors while clearing conflict and violence within ourselves and on the planet.

Join Ariann in this journey towards healing. Come together and find support with others to heal the world for a brighter future.

Get help from the ancestors coping with the current disruptions in the world peace and harmony with this Group Ancestral Lineage Clearing Session to clear the family heritage of pain and loss from war, violence, and conflict.


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