Ancestral Clearing Meditations for Covid-19

Ariann offers Group Ancestral Lineage Clearing Sessions on special occasions to allow many people to participate in contacting the ancestors for support and healing.
The advent of the Covid19 virus and its impact on the world calls for healing on a global scale. The ancestors are reaching out to give their assistance.
Millions around the world have been impacted by this virus and its effects. Even if you and your family have not contracted the virus, life has changed as social distancing is being practiced to prevent its spread. This reduces our usual stress relievers of hugs, social gatherings, family dinners, creativity, art, and musical events become limited to social media. We are all grateful for our internet connections so we can stay in touch.
Another resource is our ancestors. Our ancestors survived many plagues, infections, and disasters throughout the ages. They were resourceful, resilient, tenacious, loving, and caring. We can reach out to them to ask to sustain us in the long term in maintaining our determination, understanding, optimism, persistence, and commitment to one another in surviving and thriving in a changing world.

Choose from the Recorded Meditations Below

Ariann held two group sessions for the Covid-19 Healing with Ancestor Journeys. Both Recordings are offered below. They contain the same basic session, but you may find one that calls to you, over the other. Or listen to and use them both.

Ancestral Healing Sessions

  1. Read the Intention Statement aloud, customize it if you would like to add or change anything so that it fits your situation.
  2. Follow along through the video and the guided meditation.
  3. After you have completed the ceremony, be sure to select your symbol and keep it in your energy field for 30 days to reset your energy to keep the fear, anxiety, and stress of the Covid19 energy from invading your field.
  4. Remember to write down or journal your experience. When you are in a deep meditation, it is difficult to recall details in a waking state later.
  5. Continue to add insights picked up over the next few days in dreams or quiet, reflective times.
  6. Use the meditations over and over, as often as you’d like. When you come back to it, you may want to skip to the part of the recording where the meditation begins.

If these meditations were helpful, please email me or post comments on my Facebook page.

My intention is to gift these meditations to as many people as possible, so that they can be shared around the world, and help us all get through the pandemic and all the challenges of these times together and richer for it.

Intention Statement

During the sessions, I used an Intention Statement to call the ancestor who lived through a difficult time of plague, illness, disease or disaster who could help you survive and create a new life in the aftermath. Here is the Intention Statement we used during the ceremony. Use this statement to call to your ancestor when doing the meditation in the ceremony.
“I am seeking my original ancestor who survived a plague, illness, disease or infection that affected his/her community and the world and created chaos and disrupted life as they knew it. This ancestor experienced fear, anxiety, pain, illness, loss of financial stability, or abundance, perhaps loss of loved ones in their family or community, but lived to make a new life of health, wealth, love, joy and commitment to the world and to the future.”

Consider a Donation

My intention is to gift these meditations to as many people as possible, so that they can be shared around the world, and help us all get through the pandemic and all the challenges of these times together and richer for it.

I am offering this meditation for free. If you would like to make a donation of any amount, you may do so below.

Covid-19 Ancestral Clearing Meditation

First Session (1 hr 22 minutes)

Covid-19 Ancestral Clearing Meditation

Second Session

The second session is recorded in two parts. The first part has the meditation and the second session is the final wrap up.

Part 1 (48 minutes)

Part 2 (19 minutes)

Bonus: One Earth One Heart

Ariann leads a meditation guiding you deeply into your DNA.

  • To heal the genetic codes damaged by the fear of plagues, illnesses, diseases, and disasters suffered by our ancestors in the past millennia.
  • Finding the genes damaged by the past trauma and turn off the activation of those negative genes that affect your immune system, and
  • Repairing the genetic codes to allow health and well-being to flow into your body, mind and spirit.

NOTE: You can skip to start the video at around 5 minutes in. This is where the program actually begins.

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