Group Ancestral Connection – Adaptability, Resilience, Inner Strength Replay


The world is unsettled and changing faster than ever. We all just want things back to normal! When the Coronavirus emerged, we expected once the vaccine was available, life would return to ‘normal.’ Then came the Delta variant, then Omicron. Life is still removed from the old ‘normal.’ It is unlikely to revert to what it was before the virus.

This changing situation causes:

  • Anxiety about the future.
  • A lack of confidence in judgment, self-worth, or adaptability.
  • Fear of illness or death.
  • Inability to access health care or limited availability of providers.
  • Worry about the stability of the economy, jobs, career, and financial security.
  • Stagnation, being stuck and frozen in difficulties.
  • Relationship upheavals from stress.

World consciousness has shifted as a result of the ongoing, continuous stress the virus has inflicted. The energy field surrounding us holds this tension, anxiety, and fear in the collective unconscious.

One source of relief in this changing environment is our ancestors.

Throughout the ages they lived through multiple changing times of plagues, disruptions, disasters, famine, changing weather patterns, and more. These ancestors can advise and guide us in these difficult times.

This session will be slightly different from the earlier Ancestral Lineage Clearing Group Sessions. We will not be healing old patterns arising from our heritage. Instead, we will ask the ancestors for support and guidance dealing with:

  1. Adaptability to rapidly changing circumstances.
  2. Being more fluid and flexible approaching the future.
  3. Walking in your truth despite outside circumstances.
  4. Tapping our inner resources for resilience—the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.
  5. Discovering emotional and mental self-worth, self-trust, confidence, and trust in the Universal abundance.
  6. Finding the inner strength, wisdom, and love to repair and maintain relationships under stress.
  7. Uncover the joy of living in the present with an uncertain future.

Get help from the ancestors coping with the current disruptions in the world health, economy, finances, and relationships in this powerful session.

This is a Replay of the live session from Feb 2022. It can be used over and over to clear deeper into the same issue or address a new issue.

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