Ask Your Ancestor for Advice

Do you sometimes feel alone, overwhelmed or lacking support in your life? Maybe you’re just simply seeking clarity and in need of a little guidance or wisdom?

Are you far away from your older relatives or are they gone and you feel no one has the experience and understanding for you to talk to? Well, I am here to let you know that your Ancestor are always here and they would love to help you make your life better in any way possible—your love life, your family relationships, your abundance, your health, your career decisions and your relationship to the Divine. You only have to ask.

Once we lived with extended families where we had access to the wisdom of many generations. Nowadays, many of us feel isolated from family and from the wisdom of elders who have the life experience to advise us when we encounter life decisions and conflicts that cause us confusion and distress.

Indigenous people around the world have known historically that time is only a matter of flow. It flows in multiple directions—forward, backward and sideways. Shamans have traveled the road of time to heal many wounds. In many cultures, ancestors are revered and are consulted to help with everyday difficulties that arise. Some believe that special ancestors are designated to watch over us during our lifetimes and aid us.

We grew up thinking time was linear. We now know it flows around us seamlessly. Scientists have been able to shift a single particle in one location that caused related particles over several thousands of miles away to shift simultaneously without any lapse of time. Our old notions of time and space no longer hold true. We may not be able to physically time travel yet but we can access the past on a visionary or energetic basis. This explains how oracles have been able to tap into timelines and prophesy the future.

So, how does this relate to connecting with our ancestors?

As indigenous cultures have shown us, we have the ability to travel in a shamanic journey where we can connect with our own ancestors. We can talk to them, ask them questions and even ask them to make help us make changes that affect the course of our lives. Our ancestors can help us with some of the biggest challenges we face.

We all come from a genetic pool developed over the millennium, designed for survival and growth. Each of us has common ancestral components derived from the original human stock of DNA. Over millions of years these elements have become diversified. But one basic factor has been constant. Our ancestors and our family love us and want the best for us.

Over time our DNA altered to allow humans to flourish. The mother’s instinct to care and nurture her child is one of the strongest seen across species. The father’s instinct is to protect and provide for his families. These nurturing instincts are present throughout time, place and culture.

This Meditation can help you every day.

So, how does this relate to our ancestors helping us? Our ancestors are not as far away as we think. With so much wisdom and support, we can ask for help on almost any issue that arises in our life today. With this wise counsel, we can make decisions with confidence and joy.

The aspects most of us need help with in our lives concern:

  1. Physical attributes or health issues (where to find support, is there a health issues? how to recover/deal with health issues)
  2. Relationship issues with loved ones (partners, parents, children, grandchildren, colleagues, friends)
  3. Financial conditions (earning or keeping money, abundance, prosperity, investments, direction, support)
  4. Mental health–depression or stress issues (relieving stress, methods to lift depression, aid in mental clarity)
  5. Loss of vitality, lack of direction and life purpose (hopelessness, decision making, ‘what I want to be when I grow up)

If you had a wise elder you trusted who knew you and your family, you could turn to him/her for advice when you were confused, uncertain or in distress. This older relative could give you a clear perspective without judgment and with complete discretion. Well, your ancestors are always here, always available and always willing to assist you in this lifetime.

Contacting Your Ancestors and Asking for Advice

In our Western cultures, we have gotten away from being in touch with our ancestors. In the United States particularly, most people cannot even trace their ancestry back more than a generation or two. But you do not need to know your ancestors to ask for their help. Your DNA is your connection and highway to them.

If you want assistance with an issue that is causing interference in your life, gain confidence in your ability to choose your own path and clear obstacles that stand in the way of your happiness, here is a meditation you can use over and over again to contact your ancestors whenever you have a problem that you need wisdom, insight and support to resolve.

These ancestors can act as your spirit guides or guardians  with only your best interest in mind because they know you, your heritage and background. You call on the ancestor who is in the best position to answer your specific question and you will be drawn to the right ancestor each and every time.

How is this different from Ancestral Lineage Clearing?

In an Ancestral Lineage Clearing Session a client seeks to clear and heal an unhealthy family pattern that has been locked in the client’s genetic pattern throughout generation that is causing challenges in that person’s life.  When you ask Advice from your Ancestor, you are looking for an answer to a specific question in your present life that will help you meet a daily challenge not necessarily a persistent on-going one.

To access this very special meditation to contact your ancestor, click the button at the bottom of the page to receive your link to download the meditation.


I love, love, love this mediation Ariann!!! I resonate with this so much! My first experience my great, great grandfather came to me as a 6’4 gigantic American Indian Chief. He was magnificent!!! The second time I did the meditation, my precious deceased grandmother and her sister, my Aunt Mae came to talk to me. Wow! I am in bliss to be with my loved ones and having such wonderful conversations.


Thank you for allowing me to be your guide to you the ancestors who love you.