ALC Private Session 3 Pack

Do you have a heritage of limiting beliefs and unwanted family patterns that affect multiple areas of present life?

Does your family background contain so-called genetic dis-eases, a history of poverty, failure, and lack, or is there a continuing pattern of broken or unhealthy relationships?

If so, then this package of 3 Ancestral Lineage Clearing private sessions with Ariann may help clear and heal the ancestral memories and wounds afflicting the present.

Sometimes, an isolated family pattern affects present life. It may be as straight forward as, “My family has a history of poverty.” This pattern may be release in a single session with the right ancestral connection.

However, many people grow up in difficult family circumstances where abuse, abandonment, neglect, addiction, poverty, dis-ease or health limitations are present throughout their formative years. If you have identified a combination of factors from your family that negatively impact your life, this 3 Session Package may be right for you.

You will get 3 sessions over a 90-day period

In 3 sessions scheduled over a 90 day+ period, numerous family patterns can be cleared and healed. Consider if more than one these issues is presently holding you back from your fulfillment.

  • Does your family believe that ill health, inherited dis-ease, injuries, or constant pain is ‘normal’ and a fact for life that cannot be changed? Do you live with the result of this belief?
  • Has mental illness, depression, anxiety, or other constraining brain patterns affected previous family matters? Are you concerned that you or your children or grandchildren may face debilitating mental or physical impairment?
  • Do you come from a background of unworthiness, lack of confidence, and self-doubt? Do you believe you will always be a failure; you are unworthy of respect, acknowledgement, and recognition? Do these worries hamper your ability to succeed in a career or relationship?
  • Have you seen relatives in jobs, careers, or business living unfulfilled, dissatisfied, or unrecognized lives compelled by the need to make a living rather than follow their dreams? Are you doing the same?
  • Is poverty, lack of abundance, living on the edge of disaster, limited success and wealth, or a history of financial loss in your family’s past? Is the Universe a harsh place where only a certain group of people can achieve fame, fortune, or security?
  • Have relationships been strained or difficult for generations in your family history? Is your cultural background one in which arranged marriages, forced marriages, or partners are limited to a certain ethnic or religious background? Has there been constant conflict, domestic abuse, multiple divorces, abandoned families due to death, addiction, or where desertion by either spouse is prevalent?
  • Do you desire a deep loving partner and cannot find the ‘right’ person, or have you been single and alone for longer than you wish? Are unwed, unattached family members common in your lineage?

Family patterns such as above can hamper finding vitality, joy, success, and satisfaction in life. Happiness is our destiny, and our ancestors are ready, willing, and able to help us achieve are desires by healing the past.

You Have Control of Your Genes.

Change patterns of family past history that no longer serve you and …

~ Restore health to your mind and body by changing DNA messages and fortify your body with new blueprints.
~ Retrieve the abundance and prosperity you deserve and release poverty and lack.
~ Refresh your soul and the desire for fulfillment and satisfaction by finding right livelihood and your career purpose.
~ Revise negative relationship patterns from cultural and familial pasts with fresh perspectives from the heart and leave behind the resentment, bitterness, and negative emotions of the past.

Bonus Meditation

BONUS – Ask Your Ancestor for Advice Meditation Video

If you want assistance with an issue that is causing interference in your life, gain confidence in your ability to make good choices and clear obstacles that stand in the way of your happiness, here is a meditation you can use over and over again to contact your ancestors whenever you have a problem that you need wisdom, insight and support to resolve. 

The meditation can be listened to and used as often as you like, any time you have a new issue come up where you’d like some help and advice from your trusted ancestors.

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The 3 Package ALC Session program is designed to address multiple unwanted family patterns over a 3-month period. After each session, Ariann offers several exercises for 30 days to ensure the integration of the new positive energy created in the session. Once the exercises are complete, the next session is scheduled to address another pattern.

Plus, your bonus meditation: Ask Your Ancestors for Advice

Buy the 3 Pack!

$759 for three full ALC sessions + Bonus Meditation

Individually priced at $940.

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