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Our family gives us a specific genetic history from which we can reference our health, finance, intelligence, career, relationship and spiritual history in relation to the rest of the world. Our genetic traits are indeed our roadmaps to life.

With the new science of epigenetics, we no longer need to be content with the inheritance we received from the past. A new destiny is within our control.

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“[Ariann’s Book] … provides guidance and insight that will help you to understand how your heredity is impacting your life, along with simple steps to get started on your healing journey. If you have ever wondered if you are destined to live a life based on your DNA or Heredity, you will learn about epigenetics, the science that has proven it is not only possible to change your DNA and Heredity but by doing so you will impact the lives of future generations as well. ”

Krystalya Marie'

International speaker and trainer, and best-selling co-author with Wayne Dyer, Mark Victor Hansen and Deepak Chopra.

“In Ariann’s book … we are given the scientific basis for how we can literally change our lives and heal family patterns that may be centuries old. Ariann’s explanation of quantum physics and epigenetics has confirmed my long held beliefs about energy and the effect it has on all life.  Following these scientific principles, ancestral healing gives us a tool to create the life we want.  The case studies of clients are fascinating and open the door to myriad possibilities of life choices. If you are interested in changing your destiny and creating the life of your dreams, this book is a must read.”

Judith Hurley Prosser

BA, Poet and Author of Redwood Wisdom and Oak Wisdom, Meditations for Daily Living, Co-Founder of Gather the Women of Nevada County.

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Creating Our Reality

Family is our greatest gift and our greatest challenge. Past generations exert a formidable influence on life patterns. The shortcomings in our families — illness, failed relationships, poverty and unhappiness, create incredible stresses in our lives. Can we walk with confidence and pride in our lives when we come from a background of broken bodies, crushed lives and shattered dreams? Does this mean we are destined to repeat the same unwanted family patterns? The answer is a resounding “NO.”


An Invitation

I invite you to consider whether you are happy. How do you define happiness? Is it having a big house, a luxury car and lots of money? An attractive partner? A well-paying job? A satisfying career? Or is happiness a peaceful, serene life with friends, family and compatible co-workers? Or do you define it in more abstract terms, like having a meaningful life, being stimulated intellectually, emotionally stable, healthy in mind and body, loving and being loved, having a deep spiritual connection? No matter how you define happiness, know that happiness is within your grasp. You no longer need to be ruled by your heredity, you can change your destiny. This is the message of this book.


The Gifts and the Burdens of the Past

Even knowing one or two generations gives a person a sense of home, family, place, community and tradition. “My family is from ….” establishes a certain fixed point of reference for a first meeting with a stranger. Without such an awareness, you are at a loss to know who you are compared to others with these links. Our genetic traits or codes are indeed our road maps to life.


Your Destiny is Yours to Choose

However, this road map our heredity does not control our lives. Our DNA does not determine who we are or what we become. Neither does our upbringing. The new science of epigenetics shows we cannot dismiss either factor, but we can understand now how we can control our reality. Our destiny is in our hands. The most significant factor is that when we change, the change affects the future generations too. How cool is that!


Case Studies

The book includes multiple stories of ancestral healing from Ariann’s private Ancestral Lineage Clearing Sessions with clients where ancestors help shift long standing genetic traits and generational family issues.

Read about Lily’s constant fear which arose from her Native American ancestor’s trauma when her tribe was wiped out and how her ancestor shifted her life to change the fear that resonated in the family.

Or read about Evan’s experience of lack of financial stability. In his session he contacted an ancestor whose parents threw him out when they could no longer support all the family and he lived a life of deprivation and struggle. The ancestor shifted the energy of his life to obtain an education as a child so when he left home he was able to create a life of wholeness and happiness and this created a new legacy for his descendants.

“This book is full of science-based data and includes some of Ariann’s own case studies that helped me examine my own hidden beliefs and ancestral patterns.  Most importantly, it provides solutions to help us heal poverty; career issues; unhappiness and depression; relationship conflicts; and our health.  It’s a fascinating and thought provoking read that will make you question what you’ve been programmed to believe.”

Joline Lenz

Executive Recruiter, Entrepreneur

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