Sacred Contract Clearing

Do you feel like your life is directed by some unseen force or set on a predetermined path you are unable to change?

Are you constantly repeating patterns or unable to fulfill your deepest desire despite the healing, learning, and work you have done for years?

Do you want to break out of the limitations and restrictions of the old forms and reset your life on a new pathway of love, success, and prosperity?

Sacred Contract Clearing may have the answer.

Your Sacred Contract

When our soul decides to incarnate on Earth, we design our purpose and enter into a Sacred Contract to undertake certain actions, fulfill specific tasks, and meet special people to resolve issues, teach ourselves new concepts, clear up past misunderstandings or mistakes, and master life lessons. We may also have incomplete contracts from prior lives still playing out in this lifetime that interfere with our soul’s journey. Our souls are here to participate in the Divine plan of the Universe.

However, we have Free Will and we can choose to alter those contracts once we decide we have satisfied that purpose, or it no longer serves us and it is time to move on. If we determine that we have learned all we need to know about poverty, lack, and deprivation, and our Sacred Contract is still binding us to limits, then we can revisit the contract and the teachings, release the agreement and make a new one through a Sacred Contact Clearing.

Sessions available by Zoom.

Clear your Akashic Records and reset future agreements regarding:

  • Health—continued poor health, the inability to heal, repeated unrelated health issues, susceptibility to infections, immune issues, or multiple accidents or injuries.
  • Finances—constant blocks to success, career advancement, poverty, lack of abundance, deprivation of money by others, inability to control finances, worthiness of abundance, wealth resistance, business betrayal, financial ceilings.
  • Emotional Issues—lovability, worthiness, guilt, abandonment, victimhood, betrayal, resistance, shame, guilt, fear, martyrdom, addiction.
  • Relationships—repeated relationship failures, lack of intimacy, lack of deep and loving relationships or marriage, multiple divorces, death of partners, lack of connection with children, lack of children or fertility, inability to let go of past relationships, infidelity, betrayals, abuse, abandonment, choosing bad partners.

Sacred Contract Clearing should NOT be the first healing or clearing session.

If the issue is generational from your family pattern, then an Ancestral Lineage Clearing is recommended to clear the ancestral burdens and errors residing in the DNA.

If ancestral patterns are not the subject, then Sacred Contract Clearing may be appropriate, particularly if other healing modalities have not been successful in totally eliminating the underlying issue.

Sacred Contract Clearing will allow you to rewrite your soul’s direction …

to bring in health, prosperity, love, worthiness, strength, courage, and connection to your Higher Purpose.

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Client Experiences

“Ariann is a gifted seer and shaman. She knows how to get to the core of the matter and brings enlightened insight to the seeker’s quandaries. I felt safe in her presence which allowed me to be open about the concerns I sought her counsel for. She heard what I said, but more importantly, she heard what I didn’t say and revealed knowledge and guidance that I couldn’t access on my own.

She helped me to wrap my mind around a new perspective and a new way to proceed with my goals and dreams. She is astute, insightful, and brilliant. I can’t recommend her strongly enough.”

Kimberly Clouse, Grass Valley, CA

“Ariann’s Akashic Reading was exactly what I needed to have clarity and confidence for the next phase of my life. I left the reading feeling excited, energized, and perfectly oriented for manifesting my purpose. I highly recommend Ariann’s reading to anyone ready to bring your life into focused action.”

Misa Hopkins, best-selling author, Sacred Healing Emergence (SHE) Academy
Akashic Reading

Where to go, what to do, what is my purpose?  These are questions I have been working with for some time now. Looking for help, I requested an Akashic Reading from Ariann Thomas.  I have had other kinds of readings before, but this was different.  Normally, the reader gives me general information about my personality, which is interesting, but not particularly helpful. 

“Ariann took the time to help me formulate my questions and, viewing my records, she was able to provide specific answers to these questions.  From her reading, I was able to see that I have been receiving guidance, I just didn’t always recognize it as such.  This validation of my experiences was extremely helpful. 

“I found Ariann easy to work with.  I could tell that she was interested in addressing the concerns that I had as clearly as possible.  She didn’t try to tell me what I “had” to do, instead shared the details she saw which will help me make my own decisions.”

Janet Akers, Bend, OR

“The information I received from the Akashic Record reading by Ariann Thomas was transformational. I was given the key to this lifetime’s focus on scarcity and learned what I could do to shift to prosperity. My Calling for this stage of my life was affirmed, and important information regarding family relationships was revealed.

“Ariann’s years of experience as a shamanic healer and intuitive have honed her ability to be a conduit for the information available through the Akashic Records. Be prepared to be empowered.”

Judith Hurley Prosser, Gather The Women

“I loved the reading Ariann did in the Akashic Records. I asked “what is my soul purpose this lifetime and where do I go moving forward?”.

“I received terrific guidance. The information was so helpful and enlightening. I also received confirmation about a few things I have accomplished already in my life which gave me great comfort. Ariann is a very clean and clear channel, gets in there opens records and receives accurate information.

“I highly recommend doing a reading with Ariann. She is a bright light. Anyone looking for answers will benefit. I am so grateful for Ariann’s dedication to spirit. Thank you!”

P.S., Grass Valley, CA

“I am so appreciative of the Akashic Reading . It was so accurate and it helped me so much with my direction for my future! I was at crossroad not sure where to go and this really nailed it.

“The details that you shared were so true only I knew what I had been thru but you shared those and it blew my mind. I would definitely recommend this reading for everyone. It takes you to higher level. Thank you for awesome reading!”

J.I., Phoenix, AZ

“During my reading with Ariann, the energy shift was subtle yet profound. She got straight to the answer of my question. She held the space for me to move into the new vision, the new energy and possibilities in my life. She also gave practical suggestions and action steps to take that could help me achieve my goals and move forward. I felt a thousand times better afterwards. Thank you Ariann!”

Victoria P., PA

Recommended in combo with your Sacred Contract Clearing

Akashic Records Reading

Healing in the Akashic Records

Deep and transformational healing can take place in the Akashic Records.

The field of unconditional love shifts and transforms energy simply by being in the presence of the Records. Sacred Wounds of this lifetime can be explored at their source discovering the purpose, desires, and fulfillment of the wounds, illnesses, syndromes, injuries, or conditions. Your Master, Teachers, and Loved Ones can guide your spirit on its journey of transformation in this lifetime.

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