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After reading the information on the website, do you still have questions about Ancestral Lineage Clearing? Are you still unclear about whether this healing process is for you?

Healing techniques of various kinds do not work on every problem just as medical solutions do not solve every problem. A surgeon cannot surgically fix a migraine. An orthopedic doctor does not have the remedy for mental illness. Ancestral Lineage Clearing is not the remedy for every challenge.

Many people over the years asked Ariann questions about this technique from the common question of what is it to the most detailed and complex questions of how does it work. Since there was no single source available, Ariann decided to write a book describing this process.

Healing Family Patterns: Ancestral Lineage Clearing for Personal Growth discusses how to:

  • Decide what subjects are appropriate for lineage clearing and when
  • Identify the family patterns that are challenges in your life
  • Discover which side of the family the particular family pattern arises from
  • Determine the core issue that lies at the base of the family pattern, and
  • Release the family patterns that are interfering with the happiness and joy in your life

Healing Family Patterns: Ancestral Lineage Clearing for Personal Growth is a book that describes the background, theory, uses and process of healing family patterns. It is also filled with absorbing stories of life-changing circumstances that occurred during actual Ancestral Lineage Clearing client sessions. Healing Family Patterns contains answers to such questions as:

  • Do I need to know my genealogy? (No)
  • What if I’m adopted? (It’s OK)
  • Why me? (It’s your job)
  • What about destiny? (Free will controls)
  • Will my ancestors help me? (Yes!)
  • Why does this work? ( Quantum Mechanics holds the answer)
  • Can I stop seeing my doctor? (Absolutely Not!)

This book answers these questions and many more. If you are interested and intrigued by this fascinating healing process then order the book for $14.99 plus shipping.


If you’ve been grappling with emotional issues, that seem resistant to change – ancestral clearing might be what you’re looking for. Ariann’s book has simple, yet powerful energy clearing techniques that can be quite transformative.  Ariann gently guides you to the ancestor, whose blocked energy might be negatively impacting your life. … A fascinating read! D. F., Brooklyn, NY.

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