Dream Your Future Plans Now

Are you getting restless, anxious, and stir-crazy during the sheltering at home time? You are not alone. Remember, remaining isolated is saving your life and your loved ones. The first few weeks of staying at home seemed like a vacation. We focused on being positive,...

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Sheltering at Home Reflections: To the Brave Women of Hollywood, Thank you

April’s focus on Sexual Assault Awareness has us in gratitude to the women who have paved the way for us all.  
When social worker Tarana Burke started the #metoo movement, made famous by Alyssa Milano’s tweet, it opened the space for many more of us to heal from our sexual trauma and abuse in a way that had not been fully available before.
We know that for this abuse to end  –  and we hold firmly in our hearts that it will end – and for it to no longer be the tragedy thousands experience, we must shine the light on those who have bravely shared their truth, while also going deeper into our own healing. 

It’s in healing that the cycle of abuse can end.

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Continuing Wellness

In the midst of the global news of the pandemic coronavirus, fear and panic are in the air. With the government and business closures, financial hardships are being felt across the world. However, my message remains consistent—we control our destiny with our beliefs, thoughts, actions, and desires.
Stay calm, centered and positive. Yes, easier said than done. Remember: fear diminishes the immune system and leaves it vulnerable to infection.

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The Importance of Being You

Although we inherit our DNA from our families and ancestors, we are unique individuals. We all look, sound, act, and think differently from anyone else. Our purpose in life is to find our Divine identity and special place in this world. You are like no other. Trust your instincts. Trust your desires to fulfill your destiny and purpose. You choose your life, your purpose, your happiness. It is in your hands. Be yourself.

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Valentine’s Day Love

There are romantics around the world who look forward to this day to show their love in special ways. But what do we truly desire on Valentine’s Day? These are our deep desires: A deep, loving connection with a partner who recognizes us for who and what we are. A person who respects us, sees us, listens to us, and loves us as we are now. A person we deeply and truly love, respect, hear, and desire now and in the future. A deeply passionate, affectionate, caring, and nurturing relationship that is interdependent. A relationship that is supportive, while allowing each person to have their identity and fulfill their purpose.

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Reflect on the Last Decade

What change has made the greatest impact on your happiness, satisfaction, fulfillment, joy, and love? Do you feel your life is better in any, more, or different way(s) than in was in 2010? Why? Consider the actions or steps you took to achieve this improvement.
What one thing do you desire most to have, do, or create in the next decade? What do you need to shed in order to obtain this desire? What do you need to add or what action do you need to take to move forward?

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Dream for the Decade Instead of Making Resolutions

Carl Sandburg said, “Nothing happens unless first a dream.” We must dream a new reality and what better way to begin than with ourselves? We are always changing and evolving as we grow and age. I think of my life as chapters in my own story. Not necessarily in decades because life isn’t that predictable.

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Being Present and Giving Thanks

At the Thanksgiving Holidays approach, many look forward to celebrating with family and friends with anticipation and happiness. Others dread the annual family gatherings expecting arguments, personal grilling, family disputes, generational disapprovals, and chaos...

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Free Fear and Worry

Does fear of the future and worry about the present or past keep you up at night? Many are plagued by unrealistic fears for safety, security, and loss. The solution to undefined fear and worry is trust. When we truly embrace our Divine heritage, we know that the Universe is a loving place that will supply all our needs and desires despite the mass consciousness of lack. Asking for wellness, safety, prosperity, harmony, love and joy is the key to receiving them. Trusting that we are deserving and worthy to accept these gifts from the Divine is an essential component of living fully in the present.
Here are 5 tip on how to let go of free and worry and live in harmony and happiness.

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Healing is a Choice

Our Divine nature is to be whole, healthy and well. Our bodies are designed to recover from dis-ease, injuries and illness. Everyone has an integral immune system to fight off dis-ease, a bacterial array to help our digestive system, and an external skin suit to heal...

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