August’s Full Moon is the Harvest Moon. The end of summer is in sight with the ripening of the spring planting. What are you harvesting as summer ends?

This is the time of radical change in the world. The past two years saw a withdrawal from everyday life with the shutdowns and isolation of the Covid pandemic. Although not totally over and with the spread of the monkey flu, life began to return to normal. Now the world is once again in flux with economic shifts, the conflict in Ukraine, continuing global warming, and looming energy shortages.

How has the last two and a half years impacted and transformed you? During this hiatus many have assessed their old priorities and relationships. We learned lessons about the importance of loving connections, right livelihood, and taking care of ourselves and loved ones. We began building new habits, stories, and outlooks. The radical change in life may have been small such as changing a diet or exercise routine, or large like switching careers or a dissatisfying job.

Now the transformation is illuminating and creating new outcomes. How has your life altered? Are you ready to step up to the radical changes initiated in the last couple of years?

For myself, before the pandemic I was feeling the need to relocate and redefine my life. Covid put my plans on hold. So, I kept on keeping on and enjoyed my life despite lockdowns, masking, and restrictions, staying in touch through the internet and zoom. This summer I got the message to change my life radically.

After a deep meditation, I received guidance to move from California to Santa Fe, NM. Within 2 weeks I hired a realtor, packed up my house, put my goods in storage, made plans to travel to NM to search for a new home, and am selling my house in the new week (hopefully). I connected with professionals in Santa Fe about finding a new place to live. Wow, talk about radical change

I know deep in my heart this move is right for me. Everything is falling into place. I have been attracting lots of support from my community of friends. I am linking up with folks who are offering me places to stay, help moving across country, and finding support everywhere. This is how true inner guidance appears. When all falls into place and right timing directs the movement.

This is not to say that all is perfect. My cat, Gigi, has run away 3 times from the commotion. Sale of some of my excess ‘stuff’ fell through, one of my hired movers got the wrong date, and the touch-up paint was the wrong color. All minor incidents that had easy solutions. The cat wandered back home at dusk hungry and unrepentant when it was quiet. The rest was easily taken care of.

What is your radical change? It doesn’t have to be as drastic as moving interstate. Radical merely means fundamental, major, deep-rooted, or pervasive. It could be as simple as taking better care of your health, moving more deeply into love in your primary relationship, or assuming control of your debts and finances. Harvesting the seeds planted in the spring brings satisfaction and energizes life. It is masculine energy manifesting in a positive and productive way.

Harvest has always been a time of festivals and joy as we reap what we planted. Gathering the energy collected over the last two years and directing it to a better outcome results in progress toward the life we desire. Happy harvest to you.

Blessings for health, success, happiness, and joy. Ariann


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