Spring continues to flow in the Northern hemisphere while the Southern moves into autumn. With every change of season, Mother Nature shifts her energy, and our bodies respond.

Every season gradually changes from one to the next. We don’t go to sleep in winter and wake up to spring. There are cool and warm days. Sunshine and blossoms then rain, perhaps snow, then warmth again as the Earth eases into spring. In autumn, one day is warm and sunny with the next heralding the blustery winds and rains leading to winter.

So too, do we experience physical, emotional, and mental change as the seasons shift. The slow days and long nights of winter move into the brighter, longer days of spring encouraging us to be more active. Ease into spring or autumn with a mindset of transformation and renewal. As the season shifts, it’s time to let go of the past and make room for new energy to enter your life.

Just like the caterpillar dissolves to recreate itself as a butterfly, we can release and dissolve past karma, old family patterns, and earlier traumas to open up to new possibilities. The stage of the caterpillar no longer serves its growth. It’s time to begin a new phase of beingness and become the butterfly we long to be.

Embrace this opportunity to emerge as a new and improved version of yourself this spring. Mother Earth and your spirit will support you.

Blessings for health, prosperity, and love, Ariann

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