Winter has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere. Life-giving snowfall and rain blanket the country often causing airline and traffic delays. The Omicron variant of the Covid virus is impacting schools and businesses slowing down progress. If we remember that winter is the time of introspection, rebirth, and renewal, then we can use these delays and diversions to look inward.

January is a time for new dreams, allowing renewal of the good, and setting the direction for the rest of the year. What deaths of spirit did we suffer last year in order to release that which no longer serves us? We can now assess our current situation and reflect, refine, and redirect those aspects of life that are unsatisfactory and shape a new direction. The opportunity for rebirth comes with the new year. Opportunities abound to learn, grow, and change. Look around for ways to create your new vision. I invite you to consider these steps if you want to change any aspect of your life. If change is not needed, then proceed forward on your fulfilling journey.

  1. Review your life and decide the aspects you are happy with, and those factors needing change and growth. Let go of past disappointments and losses.
  2. Acknowledge and appreciate the positive aspects of your circumstances.
  3. Begin researching ways to cope and alter those situations needing course corrections like career or financial stability, or mental or emotional challenges such as lack of self-esteem, anxiety, and depression.
  4. Seek inspiration from books, talks, friends, and the internet or other resources to guide you. Meditate and dream of the future life you desire.
  5. Make a plan for addressing the modifications you want to make.
  6. Identify the resources needed to implement the plan. Do you need information like classes, books, or webinar programs? Are experts necessary to assist you such as healers, health practitioners, therapists, or career counselors? Do you need to set aside money to move to a different location or get training?
  7. Be open to new opportunities to shift the portions of life that do not serve you. Be creative in expanding your thinking about the future.
  8. Get support from family, friends, or colleagues to begin the transformations you desire. Accountability is one means of assuring success when we begin shifting old patterns to new ones.

The beauty of life on Earth is our adaptability to change. Nothing is truly permanent. The Covid pandemic of the last two years has shaken up our world by showing us that the predictability of the future is an illusion. Opportunities for change have sprung from the uncertainties. It has also proven that humans are eminently capable of adapting to circumstances with innovative and creative responses. This is true in our individual lives as well as in society and institutions.

Immerse yourself in the introspection of winter to contemplate the direction of the upcoming year. Take time to appreciate and formulate your plan for change in the leisure of winter. Enjoy the family and indoor activities with loved ones being safely cozy at home as you wait for inspiration to develop. Then when Spring comes, be ready to act.


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