Book 2: Changing Your Genetic Heritage


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Find your place in the story of humanity.

Our family gives us a specific genetic history from which we can reference our health, finance, intelligence, career, relationship and spiritual history in relation to the rest of the world. Our genetic traits are indeed our roadmaps to life.

With the new science of epigenetics, we no longer need to be content with the inheritance we received from the past. A new destiny is within our control.


You have control of your genetic destiny.

10 Practical Steps to heal and repair damaged genetic patterns we inherit from our ancestors. Then we can create the life we truly want.

Are you limited by:

  • your ancestors’ cultures,
  • your families’ histories, and
  • the world’s stories?

We unconsciously adopt these beliefs in our lives whether they serve us or not. Those beliefs keep us from our full potential of happiness. With multiple references to current scientific studies and her own case studies with clients, Ariann demonstrates that it is possible to change deeply held patterns of beliefs.

Does your family have a history of beliefs involving:

  • slavery and servitude that inhibit financial abundance in life,
  • heartbreak that trigger heart disease, cancer or diabetes
  • arranged marriages that affect the ability to create loving relationships, or
  • disasters that create fear, anxiety and depression.

Ancestors willingly come forward to assist in changing the genetic patterns that affect our descendants’ lives today. They are the family guardians.

Ariann explains the science of epigenetics that discovered the causation behind the triggering of unwanted DNA and how to prevent and repair damaged DNA in our body. She gives practical advice to follow to improve positive genetic traits and discourage unhealthy genes.

Once we take these actions, we can move into a full and rich life filled with everything we desire. 10 steps for releasing the negative beliefs are described in detail, and activities scientifically shown to repair and improve our genetic health are laid out for anyone to follow. The reader is lead to the inevitable conclusion that each of us can change life for the better. The most impressive concept is that the changes we make can influence future generations.