Case Studies: Relationships

Bad Luck in Family

Present Issue: Bad luck in all forms runs in the family at least since her grandparents’ generation. Her mother has had continuing ill health. Although her father is work oriented, he has always had financial difficulties. Her grandparents’ marriage is not good, and...

Unavailable Partners in Relationships

The women in the client’s family marry men who die, leave, are workaholics or alcoholics, emotionally unavailable, or fail to support them and their children. Her father was emotionally unavailable, her grandfather was an alcoholic, and her uncle married a woman who left him with the children. This has continued for multiple generations and now the women in this generation are not married because they cannot seem to find responsible, committed partners.

A.P. Abandonment and Loss

Client’s husband left home 23 years of marriage with three children. Client is adopted. Primary issue involves her foundation of life and abandonment.

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