Client’s Issue

Client’s husband left home 20+ years of marriage with three children. She also has a friend who is going through the same issues — after a successful marriage of several decades, he left her and the family. The client is adopted. Her primary issue involves undermining the foundation of life, and abandonment.

Ancestral Clearing Journey

First Life

Client emerged from the time stream on a battlefield in southern Europe, perhaps Greece or Italy in World War 1. She was immediately drawn to this soldier in the midst of chaos. Noise, dirt, and movement were all around. He was ready to sacrifice himself to save the rest of the soldiers on the battlefield. He felt like he had no choice, if he didn’t do this then everyone would be killed. He knew only his death could save them. So, he sacrificed himself.

He left behind a wife and three children. He assumed his wife could adequately care for the family but the war made it nearly impossible. They were huddled in the corner of a building starving. His wife couldn’t take care of the family. The oldest boy was too young to fight or to find a way to support the family. Starvation overtook them for a while. Afterwards they barely managed a subsidence living until the children left home. She eventually died broken and poverty-stricken.

Second Life

After being given the choice to go back and change probabilities, the soldier and several other families moved away from their village further up into the hills. They avoided the worst of the fighting during the war. He survived and supported and loved his family. He had a deep and abiding love for his wife and children. He saw his children grow up and marry happily. They did not do anything special but were a loving and somewhat prosperous family. On his deathbed he was surrounded by his wife, children, grandchildren and friends in the community.

Thoughts to Consider

  1. Client’s abandonment issues may arise from the fact she is adopted, as well as her husband’s abandonment.
  2. Her ancestor’s honor-bound sacrifice to save his men requires an abandonment of his family and their subsequent hardships.
  3. What could be the implications of this choice on his descendants?
  4. Could he have chosen any differently in the circumstances? If so, then what would the implications have been if he had run away?
  5. Was a sacrifice truly necessary or could the battle have turned out differently?
  6. The subsequent hardship on the family also causes issues of abandonment, hardship, and lack of trust to follow the descendants. In what ways might the choice to avoid the war change the energy in the family now?
  7. Do you have issues of abandonment and neglect in your family? Do these bring up emotional issues for you? Do you have a history of adoption in your family?
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