Case Studies: Personal/Emotional/Spiritual Growth

Bad Luck in Family

Present Issue: Bad luck in all forms runs in the family at least since her grandparents’ generation. Her mother has had continuing ill health. Although her father is work oriented, he has always had financial difficulties. Her grandparents’ marriage is not good, and...

Fear of Betrayal Session

Fear of Betrayal Session Present Issue: The Client has an underlying fear that controls her life with memories and dreams of a past life where she was blinded and tortured for being a witch. She holds a misplaced anger against her husband and other unexplained anger....

Suicide Depression Session

Present Issue Client is a young woman, ill, living at home. She is generally in pain and depressed, seriously suicidal. Her grandfather committed suicide. She fears committing suicide. The client feels hopeless and lacks any joy in her life. There is no trust or...

Emotional Abuse/Criticism Session

Client has difficulty with mother’s side of family always criticizing him. He was mistreated as a child and suffered a great deal of emotional abuse.

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