Present Issue

Client has difficulty with mother’s side of family always criticizing him. He was mistreated as a child and suffered a great deal of emotional abuse. His much-older sister always treated him badly, resulting in low self-esteem. No one ever shared information with him on the family history. He felt excluded. His parents divorced when he was seven and his father was absent afterward. He had a difficult relationship with his father. The father was jealous when the client got married and didn’t want him to succeed.

Ancestral Clearing Journey

First Life

Client started at a waterfall in a rainforest and walked down a stream. He met his mother but she didn’t seem to have a message or directions for him.

He went down to the ocean where the ancestor was a young man fishing in a boat with an older man who was verbally abusing him for not being fast enough, smart enough, strong enough. When they went back to the small fishing village, the ancestor went home to his mother who lived in a thatched hut. She was tired and worn, a widow with a daughter as well as the son. She berated him for not being better. He felt useless, battered and worthless and all he could think of was running away.

Years later he ran away feeling guilty for leaving his mother and sister behind. He didn’t know where to go since he had never left the village. He went up the coast, then inland. He rapidly discovered other villages were distrustful of strangers. He learned to hunt and carve bones to barter with his fish in villages along his travels. Eventually he came to a village that let him stay and he married a widow with two children. He didn’t know how to be a father but he took care of her and the children. Then she died in childbirth and he was regarded with suspicion again. He left and lived in a cave above the village so he could stay near his son whom he loved. His son was always considered different since his father was the outsider.

He was always lonely as an outsider with no friends and no family. He didn’t know how to create a family among strangers. He died unfulfilled and unhappy.

Second Life

He was about seven when he had the opportunity to go on a voyage with his father. Previously, he stayed home because his mother didn’t want him to go. This time he chose to go on a long trip to a northern island. On the way home, a storm hit and he saved his father’s life by untangling a rope and his father saved the ship. His father lived and taught him how to fish. He grew up in a loving and supportive home. He stayed in the village. When he was older he married a girl from a northern village and built a house in his home village. He had a family. His parents lived to be old and happy. He died happy and fulfilled, loved and loving.

Questions to Consider

  • What effect did the lack of a father had on the ancestor’s life and well-being in the first life?
  • How did the mother’s fear create the situation for the ancestor that generated the issues throughout his life?
  • Was there some way he could have changed the story in the first lifetime?
  • How did the ancestor affect the change in the client’s DNA in shifting the energy in the second lifetime?
  • Is changing belief systems, seeing and feeling the life purpose and the knowingness that comes from this energy shift sufficient? Why/why not? What else is needed?
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