Learn Ancestral Lineage Clearing

Live Webinar Class

6 Week Course starting April 19th, 2022

Live Webinar Training with Ariann Thomas

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April 19 - May 24, 2022

6 Week Course
Live Webinar Class

Calling all Healers and Energy Workers

If you are called to be an energy worker or healer, whether personally or in the greater world, here is an opportunity to tap into one of the greatest spiritual and ancient wisdom traditions of the past, combined with the scientific knowledge of the present, to clear, change, and heal others.

Do you want to transform people’s lives and deepen and enhance the gifts you already share with your clients, family and friends? Ancestral Lineage Clearing is a sacred ceremony that shifts, heals, and clears burdens and beliefs carried over from the past into the present. This ceremony will awaken healing at the deepest cellular and DNA levels of the body.


  • Discover the flow of time to connect with your own ancestors and your clients.
  • Experience the value of ritual and ceremony in increasing the power of your healing gifts.
  • Tap into the ancient visioning process of Shamanic journeying for healing, shifting energy and transformation.
  • Access the scientific information of epigenetics that explains the mechanics of genetic triggers.
  • Receive personal attention and instruction in the latest ceremonial practices developed over the last 18 years of practical experience.
  • Learn from case histories of actual clients as examples for practical application.

Taking the live class with Ariann includes both her books: Healing Family Patters: Ancestral Lineage Clearing for Personal Development. and Changing Our Genetic Heritage: Creating a New Reality for Ourselves and Future Generations.

Includes new information not available in the online class and the opportunity to ask questions and interact with other students.

“The course Ariann teaches on Ancestral Lineage Clearing is a tremendous gift. Not only did I received information to validate her method of healing. I received a comprehensive education with experiential training, healing and supervision working with clients. Ariann provides all of this with deep love, compassion, fun, and encouragement. The work is incredible just like her! ” —Julie M.

“Beside my own healing, I came out of this class with a deep understanding of how ALC works and how profoundly efficient simplicity is. And when I mention the word simplicity, I mean holding sacred space with the power of simply breathing and concentrated consciousness. No fuss about prayers. A sincere call to what our hearts keeps dear and Gratitude.” —Anonymous Response to 2014 ALC Class Student Survey

Learn this Advanced Healing Technique

Ancestral Lineage Clearing (ALC) is an advanced healing technique where a person energetically travels back into their family’s past to change—at the energetic and genetic level—an unwanted embedded family pattern in order to bring more happiness, health, joy, prosperity or better relationships into their own AND their descendants’ lives.

By the end of this course, you will be proficient in using ALC to shift energy and remove these patterns for yourself or others.

What will I learn?

  • Identify limiting family patterns and the underlying core beliefs creating the patterns.
  • Understand the theory and creation of the limiting beliefs.
  • Appreciate the new information on epigenetics behind changing genetic patterns.
  • Learn to contact the ancestor who originated the limiting pattern and create a new pattern.
  • Release the energy of limiting patterns and replace it with positive energy that will remain in your energy field.
  • Be taught the advances made since the release of the original program.

Who Will Benefit from this Program?

If you or a client are feeling like you can’t do anything, hopeless or helpless about long-term physical, emotional or mental pain, this is an indicator a pattern needs to shift! Patterns can include financial stress, inherited chronic health conditions or depression, and family abuse patterns. The ALC program teaches how to use ALC to heal yourself or, in the practitioner track, your clients.

  • Energy Workers, Health Care Practitioners and Healers find that ALC broadens their healing toolkit, empowering them to deepen and transform their skills to reach into the quantum field of time to heal the past to shift genetic patterns for total wellness for any issue.
  • Hypnotherapists find that ALC enhances their work by expanding on their field’s foundational techniques and gives them additional tools to expand their work into the ancestral world.
  • Learners interested in personal growth use these techniques to continue to clear and heal generational family patterns.
  • The family healer who takes care of everyone’s challenges find that ALC helps them consciously move into their healing power.

Breaking the chain of generational disease, emotional abuse, failed relationships, and poverty is a powerfully freeing experience.

“Through her gentle prayers and guidance, Ariann introduced me to ancestors whose choices have affected my life and those of many others. Seeing the upshot of their actions, each was more than willing to choose differently in order to clear the lineage. I have since watched the unfoldment of my own life, finding acceptance at last for my need to quest and to more fully live who I truly am. My work continues, one step, one day at a time. The lineage clearing work has proven to be a huge boost along the road I am walking in this lifetime. Thank you, Ariann!” —Mira S

Learn Ancestral Lineage Clearing

from Ariann Thomas

The honored Elder who received this ancient healing technique directly from Spirit.

Amidst a family crisis Ariann discovered that multi-generational sexual abuse had taken place over at least a 50-year period of time. Her family was being torn apart. As the family healer and peace maker, she reached out to Spirit during a dark night of the soul and ask for help. She was taken on a journey to her ancestor 450 years in the past to heal the wounds of the sexual abuse that were carried down through the ages to the present. Since healing this issue, no incest, sexual abuse, rape or domestic violence has occurred in the ensuing 18 years.

Having been given this powerful tool, Ariann has taken many clients and students on this healing journey to heal the underlying genetic flaws in our heritage. By correcting these past burdens, our ancestors help us live lives of freedom, health, abundance, love and joy.

Two Learning Tracks to Choose From

Both tracks include: 6 full weeks of live webinar classes at 1 1/2 hours each. You will have access to all of the course materials, and the group Ancestral Lineage Clearing Session, PLUS opportunity to join the private Facebook Ancestral Lineage Clearing Group.

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Special Bonus

As as Special Bonus, all attendees will receive a PDF copy of Ariann’s two books:

Healing Family Patterns: Ancestral Lineage Clearing for Personal Growth (2012) and

Changing Our Genetic Heritage: Creating a New Reality for Ourselves and Future Generations (2018).

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellations: Any cancellations must be sent in writing or by email.

Please note that because this training is limited to a small group to allow for a more intimate experience. Our cancellation policy is in place to help students and us alike work together sharing expenses that may arise from unexpected cancellations.

Cancellations prior to April 19th
If you cancel prior April 19th, 2022 (in writing) – 50% of total amount will be refunded. *

Cancellations made after the start of training – no refunds given, no exceptions. *

* We understand that sometimes things come up and you just can’t make it. But you want to take the course anyway. We’re happy to apply the amounts paid to our online course. It has the same general information and can be completed at your own pace, from home.

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