Change family patterns that have been passed down for generations.

For greater health, relationships, abundance and prosperity, meaning and purpose.

Services or Programs provided by Ariann are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. See full disclaimer.

Sessions – Healing the Past & Present

Heal unwanted generational family patterns and turn off genetic triggers blocking life energy.
Reveal your soul’s wisdom throughout the ages to guide you in today’s life with the help of guides and masters.
Heal past life karma, curses, and retrieve soul fragments with the various Shamanic ceremonies offered here.
For those traumatic generational issues, you can get a package of sessions covering family patterns and personal issues from different perspectives and modalities.

Programs & Training

Learning in-person or at home

Work with your ancestors in everything you do. Our programs are forever green. Once you buy them you can listen to them and use them as often as you want.

3 Do-It-Yourself, self-guided, programs you can select to help heal ancestral family patterns about financial, health or love blocks.

A simplified step-by-step process which activates your genetic codes for Happiness in 7 Steps

2 Ancestral Lineage Clearing Courses are offered: a General Learner’s Course for an individual, and a Practitioner’s Course for the professional healer.

Several deep healing meditations are offered for your support. Ask Your Ancestor; Heal Your Trauma Genes; and the Covid19 Meditation will benefit all.

A Meditation Video for Deep Healing of Trauma Wounds.

Replays of Group Ancestral Lineage Clearing Sessions for Father’s Day; Holiday (Family) Group Session; Valentine (Love) Group Session; or Clearing Loneliness & Isolation Session.

Ancestral Healing Books

Best-Selling Books

by Ariann Thomas

Get Ariann’s books: Healing Family Patterns: Ancestral Lineage Clearing for Personal Growth (2012) and Changing Our Genetic Heritage: Creating a New Reality for Ourselves and Future Generations (2018). Get the links to Ariann’s other international anthologies where she has contributed her expertise with authors from various countries and cultures in 3 additional publications.

What is my soul purpose this lifetime and where do I go moving forward?

“I loved the reading Ariann did in the Akashic Records. I asked “what is my soul purpose this lifetime and where do I go moving forward?”.

“I received terrific guidance. The information was so helpful and enlightening. I also received confirmation about a few things I have accomplished already in my life which gave me great comfort. Ariann is a very clean and clear channel, gets in there opens records and receives accurate information.

“I highly recommend doing a reading with Ariann. She is a bright light. Anyone looking for answers will benefit. I am so grateful for Ariann’s dedication to spirit. Thank you!”

P.S., Grass Valley, CA
Akashic Records Reading

Ancestral Lineage Clearing Father’s Day Group Session

“I enjoyed the Ancestral Lineage Clearing Father’s Day Group session on Friday, June 19th. I absolutely loved your mediation and the varied chants, singing, and other instruments you played afterward. That was actually my favorite part.

“After doing the mediation and the exercises you recommended I did experience some very extraordinary changes in my life though very incrementally. I want to thank you for a wonderful Father’s Day mediation last month!”

Father’s Day Group ALC Session

The Ancestral Lineage Clearing breaks the vibrational link with which the cellular memories

“The Ancestral Lineage Clearing breaks the vibrational link with which the cellular memories are passed forward through the generations. It is an extraordinary process and I am very grateful to Ariann for her skill and awareness, as she guided me into the understanding of discovered truths and compassion for my family and myself.”

A. W., Bend , OR
Ancestral Lineage Clearing

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