Covid19 Group Ancestral Lineage Clearing Session


Covid19 Group Ancestral Lineage Clearing Session

  • Are you concerned about getting Covid19 (the coronavirus)?
  • Are you worried about the impact Covid19 is having on your family and loved ones?
  • Are you concerned about your community and the spread of the infection?
  • Is the virus having a financial impact on your business, job, career, education, retirement, and future outlook?
  • Are you having difficulty letting go of the energy of panic, distress, fear, grief and loss that enfolds the world?

Well, you are not alone. Millions around the world have been impacted by coronavirus and its aftermath. Even if you and your family have not contracted the virus, life has changed since social distancing is being practiced to prevent its spread. This reduces our usual stress relievers of hugs, social gatherings, family dinners, art sharing, and musical events. We are all grateful for our internet connections so we can stay in touch.

Another resource is our ancestors. Our ancestors survived many plagues, infections, and disasters throughout the ages. They were resourceful, resilient, tenacious, loving, and caring. We can reach out to them to ask for their assistance to sustain us through the long term in maintaining our determination, understanding, optimism, persistence, and commitment to one another in surviving and thriving in a changing world.

While washing our hands, keeping safe distances, watching out for our elders and other vulnerable neighbors and friends, we can enjoy our home life and slow down. Move toward the life our ancestors took for granted when they valued the Earth, nature, time, and space to enjoy their lives.

Join me for a Free Healing Group Ancestral Lineage Clearing Session

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The recorded sessions are available and are just as powerful! They can be used over and over, as you need, during these challenging times. (You may have a different issue to explore on each journey.)

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