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We all have 3.2 billion base pair of DNA molecules in our bodies. Most of these are identical with other living species on the planet. What makes humans unique is our self-awareness and our ability to change our environment and our bodies to respond to events.


Changing our DNA patterns is generally a long term process unless there is mutation. DNA is the blueprint that determines our body’s form, much of our health and some of our personality. Science has made massive strides in discovering how these genes operate. In recent years the science of epigenetics (“in addition to changes in genetic sequence”) has emerged and is changing our concepts of how DNA influences our lives.


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Genetics is the study of the DNA we inherit from our parents and their ancestors. When a baby is born this DNA is inherited in an almost pure form with very few attachments.


Epigenetics are the ‘attachments’ we all collect during life–physical, emotional, environmental, mental etc. Scientist have found these epigenetics are important because they are the triggers that turn on certain diseases, behaviors and other health factors in our DNA such MS, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and autoimmune diseases.


If you think of DNA as an ice cream cone (like a portion of the DNA helix) epigenetics is the ice cream we fill in with our life experience. It is the food we eat, the air we breathe, the abuse we encounter, the emotional attachments we make, our lifestyle choices–smoking, drinking, exercise, learning–and the bacteria, viruses and airborne diseases we are exposed to. The good choices we make positively influences our DNA and allow our strong ancestral genes to prevail. The unhealthy choices we make will trigger the weak genes and cancer, heart disease and respiratory failure will result.


A study was done on a small isolated Swedish village that suffered from food shortage and famine for years. Then there was an abundant harvest. Boys between the ages of 9 and 12 years old who had excess food had grandchildren who died on average 32 years younger of diabetes or heart disease. This conclusion also applied to the girls’ grandchildren who had reduced lifespans. This means that the choices we make in this life will directly affect our children and grandchildren’s lives, health, behavior and well-being. http://www.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,1951968,00.html Why DNA is not your Destiny.


We may look to our distant ancestors for fatal genetic flaws that exist in DNA codes that have been carried for generations. However, the triggers for turning these codes on or off may be found in our more recent ancestors. An earlier newsletter discussed the concept of 7 generations being significant in our lives because we can often remember our great grandparents and live to see our great grandchildren. https://ancestrallineageclearing.com/you-are-the-core-of-7-generations/.  It now becomes apparent that this 7 generation lineage is significant from an epigenetic standpoint: our great grandparents’ life choices influenced our parents’ genetic patterns; our grandparents’ choices affected our genetic patterns; our parents’ choices affected our children’s genetic pattern; and we affect our grandchildren’s genetic pattern.

Let us look at a true life example of this pattern from my family:
My paternal grandfather, a smoker, died of a heart attack. My father, a life-long smoker, did not have heart disease. My brother and one sister both had heart attacks in their 40s and have stents in their hearts. They were both smokers which probably contributed to triggering this disease.

I do not have heart disease. Perhaps I missed the gene for heart disease. I also only smoked minimally in my life, have a good diet and have consistently exercised. I have a healthy lifestyle. Maybe my epigenetics have not triggered the heart disease gene in me.


The genetic trigger for the DNA skips a generation to grandchildren because the epigenetic ‘markers’ are usually stripped from the genes during reproduction allowing the next generation a new start. The ‘markers’ that do carry over are the ones in the reproductive organs so these markers show up in the following generation. This means it is critical for a pregnant woman to have good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle because her epigenetic makers are being passed on to her newborn and her grandchildren.

The early adolescent years in boys when sperm are being generated in their reproductive organs is also critical. Another study showed that young boys who smoked during these developing years had grandchildren who died of cancer and had reduced lifespans. So good nutrition, exercise, a loving environment and a lack of smoking, drug use and alcohol is critical to their epigenetic development and the health of their grandchildren.


So does this mean our genes control our lives and epigenetics give us even less control? Absolutely not! Epigenetics gives us the answers to how we can heal not only ourselves but our descendants in many instances. Genomics is the study of gene patterns that is fascinating the scientific community now. Huge strides are being made in tracking gene patterns. It has been shown that 30 minutes of exercise for 30 days will actually change the gene pattern for heart disease. https://www.ted.com/talks/dean_ornish_says_your_genes_are_not_your_fate–Your Genes are Not your Fate by Dean Ornish.


By changing to a healthy lifestyle you can free yourself and your grandchildren from deadly genetic diseases. Meditation has also been shown to alter the genes related to alteration and repair of DNA. http://corespirit.com/3-powerful-practices-for-accessing-the-healing-power-of-your-mind 3 Powerful Practices for Accessing the Healing Power of Your Mind


Clearing ancestral patterns in your DNA and your epigenetics is a matter of choice. It can be a challenge to face unhealthy family patterns that are comfortable and familiar to us. Being a couch potato and eating pizza while watching TV is easy and thoughtless. Unhealthy emotional behavior patterns passed down to your children can and will last for generations. Significant mental health issues facing this generation like soldiers’ returning from war zones with PTSD, the displacement of thousands from their homelands due to civil war, abused women and children, and the homeless with mental health issues must be resolved lest we pass them on to future generations.


So how do you go about making the necessary changes? If you have health issues address them with a health professional. Get treatment and resolve the issue-lower your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar levels, etc. If you need to exercise find a fun class like dancing, basketball, swimming or group hiking. If you want to change your diet join a health club, an online support group, a local health food store or check the internet for good information on food changes. Mental health professional are available privately, through your health insurance company or community or veterans’ services. Begin meditating to heal your body, mind and spirit. There are classes locally or on the internet. If you start slowly and simply pay attention you’ll find it can be exciting to see and feel the changes your body and mind wants and needs to be healthy.


If addressed and changed, then the epigenetics will clear and be replaced by positive and healthy markers. These markers will be the ones to carry on to your lineage. You can energetically alter the underlying DNA sources as well as obtain support for clearing epigenetic pattern with Ancestral Lineage Clearing or other spiritual healing techniques. I have personally used these energetic clearing to change the heart disease in my family as well as generational sexual abuse and co-dependency issues. This energetic clearing supported the other changes I made in my life and helped me bring in more joy and love. I periodically offer classes to teach others these techniques because I firmly believe we must heal for the benefit of future generations. https://ancestrallineageclearing.com/ancestral-lineage-clearing-class/


We want our children and grandchildren and future descendants to have healthy, happy and productive lives. Our ancestors wanted the same for us. The scientific community has given us more tools to heal our bodies and our lives and the lives of our descendants. Let us use what we are learning to help ourselves and them to greater joy.


Blessings for peace, happiness, health, prosperity and love,
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