We have just passed the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, the Summer Solstice, but the days are still long and warm, the nights soft and easy. As summer continues, businesses and entertainment centers begin to open, we now move outdoors for more activities. I feel like a butterfly emerging from a year’s cocoon of separation. Looking around, Mother Nature abounds with burgeoning growth of trees, grasses, flowers, fruits, vegetables, and grains. Activity is the hallmark of the season.
We have all yearned for expansion in the last year of restriction. Now is the time to step into the expansion and growth.
1.    Identify your soul calling or life purpose and begin to walk the path to its fulfillment. Recognize the vocation, career, business, life direction, or mission that ignites your passion and move into a blissful and satisfying life.
2.    Even if you still are working at a job to earn a living and pay for daily expenses, commit to follow the path that satisfies your heart and spirit. This commitment will attract joy and love no matter where you are or what other work you need to do. Commitment to learning and attention to following through on becoming the person designed to be, serving those needing your gifts, and being the Best you, are essential to fulfillment.
3.    Dedicate to becoming your magnificent butterfly self. Once begun on the path, continuing the pursuit of learning, growing, healing and serving is necessary. Even though our bodies may stop growing when we reach a certain age, our mind, hearts, and spirits do not. Being dedicated to our purpose and passion is a life-long process. Just as we eat daily to nourish our bodies, we must continually feed our mind, hearts and souls with spiritual nourishment.
4.    Discover your inner courage. Know that following your individual path and purpose may run contrary to friends, family, and society’s xpectations. It takes courage to speak your truth, follow your passion, and live an authentic and impassioned life. Dig deep in your heart for the courage to discover who and what you are and stick to the path that satisfies your soul. Peace, happiness, and love results and the true friends and loved ones are there to support you.
The Shadow Side
Taking action for action’s sake is easy as the summer opens but grabbing the first idea that captures our interest doesn’t often serve us. If the old job was unsatisfactory, the first new career opportunity may take your attention. Be sure to not be diverted by the new, bright, and shiny objects that appeal to you simply because they are new and different. If you are making a significant life change, go slowly, meditate, check with your spirit guides, higher self, or pray, and really feel with your heart if this is your true calling. Busyness is not the solution.
Don’t be afraid to fail or change your mind. This is a time of adjustment and reconsideration. Yes, be mindful of risks, but also try something new that appeals to you. You can begin by taking classes, webinar, going to meetings and meeting others in the same field or profession, or merely expanding in a different direction from where you are. If you try something new and it isn’t for you, then change. You can choose again, and again, until you find the right fit for you. Consider the butterfly that drinks from many different flowers. All may offer a tasty nectar and one is special just for you.
Remember, to have fun and play. Summer especially is the time for play. Enjoy life, friends, family and your surroundings. Be grateful for the good of every day and more will come your way.
Blessings for Health, Prosperity, Peace and Love,
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