Easter, Earth Day, and the Equinox have passed. Spring has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere and Autumn is on its way in the Southern. The change of seasons indicates the next chapter in the year’s movement around the sun. In other eras, the new year began with the Spring Equinox as winter loosened its hold and the early plants and flowers emerged.

In Native American and other indigenous traditions, we shift into the next section of the Medicine Wheel. We have moved from the north direction of winter, the spiritual time of the year, to the east direction of spring, the time of the physical. Spring is a time of new birth and beginnings. The East is the sunrise of a new day. This season is about focusing on physical health and self-care, planting crops, beginning projects, and being more active.

The insights we discovered in the spiritual season guide our life on the path for the upcoming year. We can begin implementing the goals and directions we set for this next season.

As the world continues to be disrupted by conflict, dissension, discrimination, and divisiveness, many are finding it challenging to focus on the future, on their purpose, and on the immediate prospects in these uncertain times. There are several ways to address this challenge of uncertainty.

  1. Focus on the present, your needs, the needs of family, and the needs of the local community. Avoid trying to take on greater responsibilities than you are capable of handling at the moment. Every small step contributes to the whole.
  2. Discover happiness in the everyday world nearby. Walk in the neighborhood, the local parks, and bask in the beauty of the surrounding nature. Plant flowers as well as vegetables in your garden to enhance its beauty. Happiness matters.
  3. If you let your exercise, nutrition, or self-care slip away during the winter, now is the time to establish new routines to enhance your physical body, reduce stress, and strengthen your resolve to be whole and healthy. Wellness supports all around you.
  4. Acknowledge your passions and follow your purpose to find fulfillment every day. Taking even small steps toward our ultimate goals will satisfy our need to have meaning and function in the greater world. If we all find our place and passion, the planet will heal.
  5. Commit to your dreams. Once you define your inner desires and purpose, commit to following and implementing them. This may begin with journaling, expressing your heart and dreams in words and in your meditations. Then plan the implementation to achieve the dream.

The Medicine Wheel is about balancing all aspects of life during the changing seasons. Spring is the time for action. Step into the emerging life of Mother Earth. Plant, build, exercise, be happy, and manifest your dreams into the physical world.



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