bikesThe past year was challenging for many of us as a time for releasing old beliefs that held us back from fulfillment of our longings and desires for this lifetime. The last days of 2013 contained a burst of energy to clear out these stale energies. 2014 is a time for manifesting our dreams of wellness, peace, health, wholeness and love internally and in family life. Overcoming obstacles to our happiness and living a passionate life of joy is the goal of this new year.

Many of my clients find the greatest challenge in their life is their health. Physical pain, chronic illness and bodily limitations frustrate one’s ability to move forward. Studies have shown that 90% of physical illnesses have their root in stress. In the last 30 years many new and ancient wellness techniques have surfaced to help deal with internal and external stresses such as therapeutic massage, aroma therapy, light therapy, chiropractic, naturopathic medicine, herbal remedies and the like. These therapies have emerged to address the need for coping with healing health, relationships, career, finances and family issues.

I believe issues relating to family genetics and environments are at the heart of many of the stresses of personal and world issues we face today. We all carry family genes that determine our height, eye color, hair color and general health. Our family environment formed our attitudes regarding education, finances, illness, health, self-worth, exercise, eating, relationships, work and faith. These genetics and environment  heavily influenced who we are and how predisposed we are to be happy, healthy, successful and loved today.

My old pattern was to assume blame for everything that went wrong anywhere in my life. If my cat swallows a bug and throws up, I think, “Oh my goodness, I’m not a good mom. I should have taken better care of her.” If the stock market goes down and I lose money, it was always my fault for choosing the wrong investments.

Part of this ‘blame game’ is my family environment. If you were the closest one to whatever went wrong, then you got the blame. Once I left the parental house, then everything became my responsibility. This was a good way to worry myself into the grave. That worry and the stress caused me to develop migraine headaches, overeat and gain weight, become a workaholic and develop relationship issues.

Over the years and through counseling, I realized that I wasn’t responsible for the world. It all wasn’t my job. On the other hand, I would certainly like to heal the world—oh, be still my ego.

After clearing some of these issues, I discovered some of these challenges I truly did not create all by myself and I could not heal by myself. These were family issues that became such a part of me at a very early age that I assumed this was how the world worked.

Many of our ancestors’ issues have been transmitted to us through family genes and parental attitudes we accept without question. If our families are healthy, strong and fit, it is likely we will be healthy, strong and fit because we are taught and expected to be so. If we come from a family of illness, chronic pain, depression, disability, and obesity, we are trained in illness, chronic pain, depression, disability, and obesity.

Once we recognize them, these patterns can be changed and healed. Our bodies  and lives can be changed and healed today.

I found using Ancestral Lineage Clearing made an incredible difference in me and my family. By healing my life, I discovered it changed my relationship with my family and it changed their relationships with their own healing.

Health challenges such as diabetes, heart diseases, arthritis and disabilities that continue for generations generally have their origins in a common ancestor. Healing family patterns associated with such health challenges in the ancestors’ time releases the barriers to wellness today. I released an ancestor’s heartbreak that initiated heart disease in our family. Since then, my brother and sister who both have heart disease have been stable.

I dream of a time when each of us have the tools we need to heal the challenges we face so we may have lives of good health, right livelihood, abundance and loving relationships and family. We are not meant to live on the Earth alone. Humans were designed to be healthy and happy in stable communities. If the tool of Ancestral Lineage Clearing helps even a few reach that goal then I will be successful.

Many blessings,




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