It seems as if I have spent most of my life learning to heal. As a child I had the usual childhood ailments. Then as a young adult, I developed migraine headaches, then a variety of stress disorders until at last, I contracted one of those no-name syndrome/viruses that completely knocked me off my feet, put me in bed and incapacitated me for over 15 years.

I have learned from my own healing that all healing comes from within. When we heal our hearts, we heal our bodies. So, how do we do this? One of the first places to start is with the family. The family is the model of our inner self. It is the representation of our Sacred Feminine (the mother) and Divine Masculine (the father) energies as represented by our parents.

The Sacred Feminine is the Mother principle of nurturing, caring, healing, holding space for growth and all possibilities, safety and security, the warmth of home and hearth—the holder of unconditional love. The Mother Love principle gives us the place to learn and grow at our own pace, in a holistic way, seeing, hearing, tasting, touching and feeling. It is sensuous, in the “now,” verbal, right-brain, creative and expansive.

The Divine Masculine is the Father principle of action, creation, motivation, protection, stimulation, focus, encouragement, aggression,  engineering, linear thinking and action, development, left-brain, accomplishment and achievement.

When we are children, mothers try to keep us from climbing the tree lest we get hurt; fathers encourage us to climb higher to test our skills and courage. We need both reasonable limits and enthusiastic encouragement.

When the family is balanced and harmonious, their creation—the children—are happy, productive and creative. When the Sacred Feminine and Divine Masculine are unbalanced and are not in harmony, then strife, unhappiness and unhealthiness result.

Since our Western culture has not recognized or valued the Sacred Feminine for many generations, most of us have come from homes that have experienced this imbalance.  Once we heal our family history at its core we are open to experience the happiness and joy that comes from the balance between the Sacred Feminine and the Divine Masculine.

We need to find both aspects within ourselves before we can build a strong family with happy and creative children. By healing our family patterns we begin to create this inner balance and pass it along to our children, grandchildren, and those generations who follow after us. Even those without children or close relatives create a family of friends and colleagues–those we love and care about in our daily lives. By living a balanced inner life, we allow those around us to live their lives to the fullest extent possible. We influence everyone we touch.

This imbalance may have been occurring for many generations so recognizing this imbalance has not easy. Our parents and grandparents were acculturated to have the male be dominant and master in the home. Therefore, we have a distorted view of what a balanced masculine actually is. We all grew up with the John Wayne version of the man slugging the woman when she got too mouthy.

The feminine didn’t fare much better with the simpering, sweet miss that was manipulative and underhanded as Scarlett O’Hara.

So here we are the children of the distorted roles unknowingly fed us by the media, our forbearers, social conditioning and the culture. Are we destined to raise our children to continue this unhealthy environment? Absolutely not! We now know so much more than our grandparents and parents. We know what is dysfunctional, what is harmonious and what is spiritually nurturing to adults and children.

We can heal from within. We can heal old patterns that were established as children before we knew language, discernment, discrimination and judgment. We can heal our families’ dis-information through modalities as Ancestral Lineage Clearing, and other therapies.

Our parents and ancestors want to help us heal. Great Spirit, The Divine, God, Creator within wants us to explore living on Mother Earth in joy to fulfilled lives creating our bliss. We now have the resources to open our hearts and minds to new ways of healing to achieve health, happiness and joy.



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