Are you concerned about about the upcoming season and the continuing lock downs and sheltering?

We have adjusted to the limitations of social distancing, maintaining safety procedures of wearing masks, washing hands, and monitoring our daily health. However, in the warm and mild weather of summer and early fall, we were able to meet, eat, and greet each other outdoors and in public places.

Even with these connections, everyone I know has felt the effects of the confinement with depression, anxiety, despair, anger, fear, and frustration. With the ongoing sheltering and the onset of cold weather, our contact with others will be further limited.

Many will continue to feel the loss, grief, and frustration of being unable to have family get togethers during the Holiday Season. For the very first time, there will likely be no big Turkey Dinner for Thanksgiving or even the traditional family gatherings for the Holiday Season at the end of the year. Since this may be the only time of the year when family members congregate, this can be a huge heart loss.

So, it is time to prepare for the Loneliness and Isolation you and your family may be facing in the upcoming colder season of late fall and winter, and particularly for the Holiday Season.

Fortify yourself with support, action steps, and healing your mind, emotions, body, and spirit to keep focused on beauty, joy, gratitude, happiness, and joy during this next season.

For additional support, check out Ariann’s Group ALC Session: Coping with Loneliness and Isolation (Recorded Session) to support you in coping with the loneliness and isolation in the coming months.

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