The past several weeks have brought a lot of upheaval to many lives some good, some not-so-good. Expectations regarding the future of our president, our government, of the new direction of our country in the next 4 years were overturned by a new candidate and unpredicted events in the usual course of politics.

Confusion is the prevailing emotion because none of the analysts, newscasters and public figures can anticipate the normal course of business of government based upon the past record of President-elect Trump since there is no past record. So uncertainly and unease are now the norm. How do we deal with this uncertainty in the upcoming months until we know what impact Trump’s Presidency will have on our day-to-day lives? The answer is to stay balanced and centered within yourself. Here are 5 simple ways to help us find our balance:

1. Acknowledge Reality: Face the facts and accept them. The fact is Trump is our President-Elect and will take office. Breathe. It is reality. Do not anticipate the worst, hope for the best. No matter what the President wants to do personally, he is still constrained by the Constitution and the good intentions of the advisors and elected officials that serve this country. Learn to trust the system. Until we accept the reality we cannot begin to change our feelings or behavior. The past cannot be changed so acknowledge and accept what is.

2. Express your emotions: Do not ignore your feelings of disappointment, fear, grief, anger or betrayal. If we ignore, stuff or disregard those feelings, they are likely to come out at inappropriate moments. Cry, scream, yell, throw rocks at boulders in the country, go for walks alone and rant at the trees, sit with friends and commiserate. If we feel our feelings, then we can relax and deal with the reality of the situation without the haze of emotion affecting our judgment. Remember: what resists, persists.

pexels-love-13918Once we have fully expressed all that is in our hearts, minds and emotions, then let it go. Surrender and trust the Divine. Do not feed the negativity. Feed the optimism and hope that is naturally in our hearts and minds. If we begin to think positively, we will feel better and see more opportunities to be of service for change. Release and relax.

3. Let go of the past: Do not hold on to past expectations and desires. We all create dreams of how we envision the future. Reality requires us to adjust our visions to what is in front of us. We can still dream of a better world with peace and harmony, we may simply have to imagine a different approach to arrive there. Clinging to old views and desires stifles our creative response to new situations.

After we free our attachment to our old world view and realize we create our reality every day, then we can move forward and use creativity to respond to what we perceive to be wrong or inaccurate. Until we let go of the old we cannot open our minds and hearts to new ways of thinking and transform the present reality to one in which we want to live. Surrender your despair and grief.

4. Find your Center: “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” – Count Leo Tolstoy. Our security and peace come from within. We will not find it in our government, our church or even our family. These can all support us but ultimately our peace comes from that still place within each of us where we connect with the Divine and find our Truth. Our Truth may not look like another’s truth. Change your attitude and you change your world.

We must define what matters to us most, what is most important in our lives. Once we identify our essential values and the values we stand for individually in our personal, professional, community and world we can direct our energies toward goals to achieve those desires. Once we determine what is critical to us, then we can take positive action to preserve, protect and advance those goals in our lives and the lives of those around us.

5. Balance: Chaos is always temporary. The Universe is designed to move toward order. As soon as order is achieved, chaos arises again. sky-space-dark-galaxy

Recognize that the chaos you feel today is just a passing phase. We are always moving toward balance. We have control over whether we stay longer in chaos or order. The worst thing we can do is nothing.  Choose to take control over those things that are within your sphere of influence and let go of what cannot be controlled. This is how balance is achieved.

Love your family, do your best at work, help your friends and community, extend a helping hand to those in need. Eliminate discrimination, prejudice, bias, violence, sexual harassment and child abuse wherever it arises and replace it with equality, humanity and compassion. Volunteer in your community to support change for the better.

The best revenge is happiness. Spread kindness, joy and love. Love and compassion will shift energy more quickly than all the negativity generated by the unconscious masses.Love will prevail.

Many blessings for health, prosperity, peace, joy and love,


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