DNA and Epigenetics–Short Recap from Article 1

We inherit one strand of DNA from each side of our family. DNA is the basic building block of our human body and mind. It is the internal micro-cellular structure from which we develop. We used to think that DNA controlled many of our traits that could not be changed.

Science then delved deeper into cellular structure and discovered epigenetics. Epigenetics revealed that DNA is our basic hardware and epigenetics is the software program that runs our daily lives. We can turn off and on whatever genes we want. The complexities of the genetic traits have just begun being explored since we have trillions of cells with epigenetic switches that turn off and on in sequences and create cascades of effects.

Our DNA strands live in the nucleus of our cells, primarily in the mitochondria (the fuel center). All input in our bodies is translated into chemical reactions used as fuel to build cellular material for our organs and energy systems including our emotions.  By keeping our bodies, minds, emotions, and spirits healthy we keep our DNA in prime shape for ourselves, our families and our descendants. In this series of articles, I have addressed some simple ways we can keep the triggers of genetic expression in the ‘positive’ mode.


Happiness and Connection to Family, Friends and Community

The number one factor research has shown to limit negative gene expression or triggers is multiple, positive, social connection between people. Humans are social animals. We developed in tribes for safety and survival reasons. We have lived in small communities for millennium with limited numbers of social acquaintances.

In study after study, the pivotal element is the patient’s/client’s positive or negative attitude about their life arising from their relationships. If you are an optimist and feel life is good, good things will happen to you, and the Universe is a benevolent place. You are then more likely to have positive relationships, financial stability, good health, mental alertness and longer life.

Social connections to family, friends, community organizations or humanitarian causes increase brain activity and physical exercise. By engaging people in activities, motivating them to explore new ideas and solve physical, emotional and mental challenges, all levels of life are involved.

Older people who become isolated tended to deteriorate, both physically and mentally, when less occupied. Teenagers who are solitary are more likely to be depressed, anxious and prone to suicidal tendencies.

Studies have shown people are actually happier now than they have been in the past. There is actually a happiness movement in progress, based in positive psychology, leading to positive emotions, positive attitudes and positive traits in your life. This is based on Martin E. P. Seligman’s book Authentic Happiness: Using the New Positive Psychology to Realize Your Potential for Lasting Fulfillment (2004). Being grateful for the little things in life can lead to a sense of greater happiness, satisfaction, love, beauty and contentment by focusing on the positive. There is even a Science of Happiness study showing that 500,000 people who have taken their course report significant increases in their happiness and decreases in their levels of stress and loneliness. Positive traits such as gratitude, optimism, altruism, humor, included in 24 listed traits, plus the eight core virtues, (wisdom, courage, love, humanity, justice, temperance, spirituality and transcendence), can lead to an increase in well-being and longevity. Read article here.

Spirituality also gives people meaning and direction in life. A sense of purpose and a sense that the Universe, God, All That Is has a reason for placing you here, and that you have a destiny gives people hope. Fulfilling your life path helps answer some fundamental questions of existence. Happiness Genes: Unlock the Positive Potential Hidden in Your DNA, by James D. Baird, Ph.D. and Laurie Nadel (2010). Every culture and civilization in the history of the world has supplied the answer to the question: Why am I here? The last stage in Abraham Maslow’s (the father of modern psychology) Hierarchy of Needs is the need for recognition, for creativity and to fulfill your life purpose. If a person finds his happiness in his creativity or his service to others, then he/she is likely to live longer, happier and healthier.

This doesn’t necessarily translate to a religious doctrine of any specific type. Spirituality merely relates to a consciousness and mindfulness we are all connected to in the energy field of the universe. We all influence each other in group consciousness. If we feel connected to each other, the earth, the universe and a greater sense of wholeness, it satisfies the deeper sense of need in our soul.

Asking Our Ancestors for Help

In my last book, Healing Family Patterns: Ancestral Lineage Clearing for Personal Growth, I discussed how our ancestors are always available to help us heal those genetic traits we inherited from them. The ancestors recognize the shortcomings in their lives and the impact their mistakes had on their descendants when we contact them. They are anxious to change their lives for the better, especially knowing the consequences their actions had on the future generations. Our ancestors love us.

Shamans and indigenous people know the veil between the worlds is permeable to those who seek to contact them from other times and places. We can influence our reality with our thoughts and beliefs. The future can influence the past, and as we have seen, the past definitely has influenced us in many ways.

When we inherit DNA strands from our parents, we inherit the genetic traits from multiple generations. The genomes passing through the mother’s reproductive system cause genetic expression in her children and grandchildren that can be repaired and healed by 1.) Ancestral Lineage Clearing, 2.) Any or all of the External Healing Factors listed in this article and the previous one, and 3.) Living a healthy lifestyle including positive mental attitudes and loving relationships.

Ancestral Lineage Clearing is an advanced healing technique I have been using and teaching for over 15 years that is effective in clearing deep-seated generational genetic patterns which have been resistant to other methods or for traits for which people cannot identify the roots. Getting to the core belief of the issue is sometimes the most challenging part of the healing process. Taking clients on a Shamanic journey to change the energy patterns interfering with their daily lives and altering the genetic patterns with the help of the ancestor is tremendously healing. Working with a Shaman or healer to identify the source of the issue can truly move forward your healing process. When we clear the energetic basis of the challenge, the remnants in our physical, mental and spiritual bodies can be released more easily. Our ancestors are always willing to assist us in this process.

If you find you need support to discover happiness in you life, get my program 7 Steps to Activate Your Happiness Codes at https://ancestrallineageclearing.com/activate-your-happiness-code/, a 7 day program to trigger and activate positive DNA traits in your body for happiness and success.

If you find that the challenges in your life are not responsive to the methods of I listed in these articles and you are still struggling, you might consider asking your ancestors for help. I have assisted many clients in clearing the genetic roots of long-term family patterns  passed down through the generation with the aid of their ancient relative. Contact me for a private session and I would be honored to support you on your healing journey.  See our page on Private Sessions.

Blessings for peace, prosperity, joy and love,



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