springSpring has arrived no matter where you live in the Northern Hemisphere. You may still have snow or be in the rain and cold but certainly the first peeking of spring green is on its way. If you are in the South then the blossoming trees and flowers are in profusion all around filling your heart and energizing your thoughts with planting and playing outside.

As Mother Earth shows her evidence of spring, notice that you are also showing your spring face of hope and life force. This is the time of year when we begin to make plans to carry out our desires for the year.

This Spring Equinox arrived with a Solar Eclipse. A Solar Eclipse give us a suspension from the present–allowing us to detach from our present concerns to see clearly our dreams and desires. Release the fears that may arise when you feel uncertain. Fear is our block to happiness and joy. Spring is time for dreams and hopes to freely flow. Image what life could be like if you reached for the heavens without the past holding you back. The energy of the Earth is surging upward in your veins, pulsing through you and urging you onward toward your finest destiny.

The lunar eclipse will arrive in two weeks and the energy will shift  letting the present flow back into our perceptions. This keeps us connected to the flow of time between past, present and future. For this time between eclipses, follow the urging of spring to dream where your life, future and passion can take you.

Spring is for pushing through the darkness of the underground, letting go of the past winter, releasing the old patterns and beliefs, and constructing your dream.

It is the Spring of your new life no matter how young or old you are. It is a new beginning to start fresh wherever you are.To renew what you want to continue as perennials continue to come back year after year, or to plant another garden in a new variety and color of flowers.

Many people feel dissatisfied with life. They think they must be famous or rich or important. Every garden doesn’t have to be Versailles.You are a garden of the Universe.You are unique and special.Whatever you create is unique and special. If each of us lived life as a single beautiful flower with love, compassion and kindness, the Garden of Eden would continue to blossom every day on Earth.

Many blessings to you and your family,

Ariann Thomas

Ancestral Lineage Clearing

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