Welcome to the Ancestral Lineage Clearing Site. My purpose is to inform, educate and carry on a conversation with my readers about healing the family patterns that hold us back from finding happiness. I firmly believe we all are destined to be happy on this planet and we forget that principle in all the messiness and negative messages in our lives. Look around you. Life is beautiful. Yes, it is messy. It is chaotic and it changes daily. Once we learn that chaos, change and messiness is part of the order of life and accept and embrace  those concepts then anxiety, depression and stress can fall by the wayside.

If you are interested and intrigued by the idea of changing and healing family patterns then it is probable one of the missions in your life is to heal some aspect of pain, mis-information, dis-ease or barrier you or an ancestor erected in the past for survival purposes. Our lives are a bundle of training, experiences, impressions and subtle concepts and beliefs, we acquire since birth. Families establish multiple patterns that sometimes benefit or interfere with our joy. When these family patterns out grow their usefulness, it is time to change them.

Most often I have found that when an ancestor encountered a challenge in their life and failed to overcome it, the ancestor created an energetic barrier of some type  as a coping mechanism. This coping mechanism was then carried forward by the descendants even if it was no longer useful because it it was functional in the ancestor’s prior lifetime.

For example, if a man or woman was betrayed by a partner he or she loved, they rejected love by all other partners in the future.  They then projected that distrust onto the children who never learned what a loving, trusting relationship could be and perpetuated the behavior throughout their subsequent families until you were raised in a home where love and trust were absent. In order to heal the relationships in your life, the relationships in your family need to be healed.  You may be the one destined to heal the issues of love and trust in family relationships.

The world is now ready for these old, embedded patterns to be changed.  Cultures around the world are carrying historical burdens that have been unresolved for generations. These unresolved heritage patterns have resulted in genocide around the world.  In Rwanda, 60% of the population was decimated by the genocide that occurred there in the 1990s.  The conflict between the Serbs and Croats left the former Yugoslavia devastated.  The dissension between the Democrats and the Republicans in the last election caused much divisiveness in this country which will have to overcome to unite the country in solving its challenges.   Until the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical resolution of these old burdens is removed, peace is difficult to conceive of much less achieve.

These family, cultural and spiritual patterns must be resolved on a personal level before they can be resolved on a planetary basis. My heart has to be at peace before peace can find a place externally. Healing the issues of  hatred,  fear, neglect, abuse, oppression, abandonment, lack of trust, self-worth and fear of God are essential to a heart and head ready and willingly to find peace in the world.

I believe if we heal one at a time, the world will heal too. Healing families is healing the world. I welcome your comments.

In this Holiday Season, may you find love, heath and peace in your life,


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