Valentine’s Day arrives in February. Do you struggle with loneliness and depression being single and searching for your True Love? Do you want to attract your right partner during this time of limited contact and lock down? Is your partnership strained because you’re confined and spending more time than usual together?

Here are some suggestions to help you find and a create deep and caring romantic relationship.

  • Release past hurts, betrayals, and old relationship patterns from the past. Don’t let old wounds intrude upon the present moment. Once you are free of the past history, you can create a new and different outcome with the partner you choose.
  • Forgive your partner, past partners, and yourself for old mistakes and pain. Once past that first painful break-up, do not keep choosing the same type of partner (abusive, emotionally unavailable, uncommunicative, addict, cheater). Unless you forgive yourself for the bad choices of the past, and the mistakes you partner made, you are destined to repeat them until the lesson is learned. Forgiveness for what you both didn’t know, the need to learn together in that particular way, and the love you shared, is part of beginning to change the pattern.
  • Open your heart to receive the love coming from your Beloved. Know that as you search for your True Love, so your prospective partner searches for you. We are made to live as pairs in committed relationships. As you look for your fulfilling relationship, your partner is sending love your way too.
  • Send unconditional love to your Beloved. Take an energetic active part in connecting with your True Love. In your meditations, prayers, and dreams send unconditional love to your present or future Love knowing they will receive the love energy as you accept theirs.
  • Listen for messages of love from the Universe. Open your heart to love in all its forms. Romantic love is merely one. The more you love, the more love you attract. Love nature in the trees, flowers, animals, your pets, the air, mountains, rain, and snow. Give love to family, friends, children, neighbors, colleagues, and even strangers with smiles, compliments, appreciation, helpful gestures, and connections while maintaining safety protocols.

These are just a few reminders of how love blooms and expands in our hearts and lives. You deserve that special Love in your life. Your partnership is meant to flourish and grow richer and stronger. Give Love the attention and devotion you give to work, money, social media, or TV and it will be returned in abundance.

Blessings for Love, Happiness and Joy,

Ariann Thomas


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