Flowers, candy, cards, a candlelight dinner across from a romantic partner; these are the visions Valentine’s Day evokes in the minds of millions seen across the media. How many experience this reality? Some do of course. There are romantics around the world who look forward to this day to show their love in special ways. The florist, candy and card industries thrive. But many (men in particular) feel pressured to buy gifts, cards or presents because it is expected, not because it comes spontaneously from the heart.

What do we truly desire on Valentine’s Day?

  • A deep, loving connection with a partner who recognizes us for who and what we are.
  • A person who respects us, sees us, listens to us, and loves us as we are now.
  • A person we deeply and truly love, respect, hear, and desire now and in the future.
  • A deeply passionate, affectionate, caring, and nurturing relationship that is interdependent.
  • A relationship that is supportive, while allowing each person to have their identity and fulfill their purpose.

These are core desires of humans. Instincts for survival require that we find a mate to procreate. But our longing for connection goes beyond mere sex. We want to bond in our heart and soul, in a greater sense to find our Beloved, our Soul Mate, our Twin Flame, the one with whom we can truly live ‘Happily Ever After,’ despite the fact that life is never quite that easy.

We want a relationship with a special person

  • To be by our side day by day to share our joys and sorrows.
  • To witness our triumphs and pain.
  • To sleep with at night and wake beside every morning.
  • To share our passion both physically and emotionally.
  • To comfort us in times of grief and loss, and be there to comfort them.
  • To help share in daily ups and downs of living, doing, and being. Witnessing our life as we witness theirs.
  • To be a companion and friend on travels, adventures, and journeys of the mind, body and heart.
  • To learn, grow, and expand together as we age and live.

Yes, this may be idealistic. No one person can satisfy all our needs. We need family, friends, community and other relationships in our lives to live rich and abundant emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually fulfilling lives. But the fundamental need for a committed loving partnership is essential for everyone.

Many find blocks to love and relationships in their family or personal history because of beliefs or feelings of lack of trust, safety, unworthiness, unwillingness to commit, abandonment, neglect, or other issues. Ancestral or personal wounds hold us back from discovering our most deeply held desire. At Valentine’s Day, this need becomes apparent since it is so prominently displayed everywhere we go.

Sometimes, even if we have found a loving partner, our relationships become unsatisfactory. It is not as deep, rich or fulfilling as we feel it could be. Once the ‘honeymoon’ period is over, perhaps the partners begin taking each other for granted, the children take time away from the romance and connection, work or financial stresses interfere with love, and the relationship falters. Or, perhaps the deepen to a richer, more intimate level has never developed. One or more partner shies away from the closeness desired by the other. These issues too, can be addressed and released.

Our ancestors are here and always willing to support us heal our love and relationships. We can change these beliefs, these patterns and these embedded patterns if we choose. Ariann can help you connect with your ancestors in a Private Session to release blocks to love and relationships.

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Blessings for Love, Joy, and Happiness. Ariann






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