In these days of the uncertainty of “alternative facts”, media hype, changing values, moving targets of political parties and the lack of consensus with the core view of what our country, our families, friends and communities agree upon, I find that most people I talk to have an underlying feeling of anxiety and depression.

This tension in the public sector is being felt in our bodies, minds and spirits as we seek to reconcile our outer world with seeking our inner truth. Conflicts within family, friends and social gatherings are still seeking equilibrium as the conflicting political situation is still unresolved in the country and around the globe. So how do we find our Truth and stay in Trust and Serenity when so much is unsettled around us?

Discovering your truth: We are taught at a young age to listen our parents, the teachers at school, learn from our books, believe the dogma of our religious leaders and trust our elected officials. This is a good way to learn as a child when we need to understand a complex world with many layers of facts, beliefs, cultural backgrounds and social systems to live in.

Once we become adults, we need to learn another way to find our personal truth. To discern whether what we are being told is opinion, fact, belief, history (a story based on facts, recreations of events from the ‘winner’s’ perspective), science, feeling or influence by a person’s past and their perspective. We need to shift information and come to our own conclusion to determine what we think or believe. But very few of us are ever taught to think for ourselves. So how can we Know what is true?

It is actually pretty simple—our bodies are very good barometers of our Truth. We Always know what is true if we stop and listen to our gut. It is the simple act of stopping the chatter and the movement and listening in the silence. If you think back to the worst mistake you ever made in your life (take a breath and think), wasn’t there a moment when you absolutely knew you should not have done what you did? You should not have married your partner; you should not have taken that particular job; you shouldn’t have gotten into that car; you should not have said yes to that person who wanted you to ….

When I assist client’s in clearing their Family Heritage Patterns and we contact their ancestors, the ancestor always knows where and when in his/her life they made a bad choice. They usually had a good reason for the decision but even while picking this choice they knew they had a better alternative.

Sometimes we make choices because it is the easy way out of a bad situation; we don’t have the courage to say no (or yes); we don’t want to work that hard; change is difficult; the truth is hard to face; we don’t want to be alone; we don’t want to be poor; drinking, smoking, drugs make us feel better if only temporarily…. But we always know the choice we make is good or bad for us in the moment because we feel it in our body.

If we truly want to know if a fact, decision, opinion, choice or belief is true, follow this process to decide for yourself if it is YOUR TRUTH:

  • Sit in a quiet place with no distractions and a do not disturb sign
  • Breathe deeply and calm your mind and body (meditative state)
  • Bring up the statement, fact or choice you want to focus on
  • State the fact as if it were TRUE—how does your body feel
    • Is your body relaxed, comfortable, feeling good, positive, right?
    • Is your body tense, tight, fidgety, restless, uncomfortable, negative?
  • State the fact as if it were False or UNTRUE—how does your body feel
    • Is your body relaxed, comfortable, feeling good, positive, right?
    • Is your body tense, tight, fidgety, restless, uncomfortable, negative?
  • If it is not clear, ask if the decision needs to be made at this time?
    • Ask if it need to be made now? How does your body feel?
    • Ask if the decision needs to be made later? How does your body feel?

Sometimes we try to force a decision or opinion before we have all the information we need to know what to do or what is true. So, the correct truth for us is to wait until the time is right for us to know our Truth.

There are alternative methods you can use such as muscle testing, pendulums, oracle cards and other systems but they generally entail some degree of training in order to be assured or success. Trusting the truth of your body is always effective.

In an uncertain world, Truth is always at your fingertips, or actually in your body. All we have to do is ask and listen.  Remember, what is true for someone else may not be true for you. Your Truth is real for you. Trust yourself, your body, your spirit.



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