“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

Although we inherit our DNA from our families and ancestors, we are unique individuals. We all look, sound, act, and think differently from anyone else. Our purpose in life is to find our Divine identity and special place in this world.

As children we want to be like our parents to obtain their approval. Then we reach adolescence, we seek to differentiate ourselves to become like our peers seeking their approval. Later we decide to define our identity by our career, our relationships, or how others perceive us.

At some point we begin to feel dissatisfied with these external definitions by which we have labeled ourselves because they are too restrictive or have misunderstood our very nature. This is the time we begin to discover our true destiny and life purpose. This is the time to evaluate our desires, needs, inner drive, and connection to the Divine Source.

For some, this evaluation arrives with a traumatic event such as the death of a loved one, health crisis, accident, job loss, career change, or financial crisis. Such dramatic changes force us to look at life as it is and see that the old, comfortable patterns are not truly serving us. We don’t fit in the puzzle of the world as others have defined it for us.

Change is always uncomfortable and is usually accompanied by fear of the unknown. We fear change may lead to facing painful truths about ourselves or loved ones, to unforeseen outcomes, the loss of our old identity, and the love of family and friends. We fear being outcast if we change.

However, more often transformation opens new vistas of unexpected and unexplored delights, talents and gifts. When we are not constrained by others’ opinions and ideas, we are free to attempt new challenges. Has anyone told you that you couldn’t do x? Have you ever tried? Why not try now? I never skied until I tried it and I loved it. I never tried weaving until I took a class and hated it. What aspect of your personality, talent, taste, likes, dislikes, and skills have been left dormant in your life? What desires lie unfulfilled in your life?

Why bother? The world is at your fingertip to explore and enjoy. The Earth is a playground full of delights. You don’t need money to love nature, garden, hike, volunteer, make your home beautiful, create something magical, or find peace within. By trusting yourself and your desires, you will be guided by your inner knowingness to your place in the world. What makes you happy and satisfies your creative spirit fulfills your purpose.

Each person fits in the puzzle that makes the complete picture of the world. Everyone needs to find their special place in the puzzle. What shape is your piece of the puzzle? You are like no other. Trust your instincts. Trust your desires to fulfill your destiny and purpose. You choose your life, your purpose, your happiness. It is in your hands. Be yourself.

Ariann Thomas ©2020

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