As we look around the world today, we see strife, upheaval, and disaster, particularly in Ukraine. Someone recently asked me if it is all right to feel happy, successful, and content when so much disruption and pain surrounds us. The answer is YES!

Those who are safe, healthy, secure, and prosperous are necessary to anchor that energy for the rest of the world. If you feel bad that your life is going well, know your happiness contributes to the resonance that supports and flows into the collective unconscious. Embrace this time as your destiny and the culmination of all you have done to date.

When we feel confident, abundant, and happy, we can support and serve others. The American people are the most generous contributors to relief efforts around the world. Others in various nations contribute as they are able. Without us the sick, injured, displaced, and refugees would not have the resources to pull through the trauma they are experiencing.

Your destiny is to be happy and fulfilled. By doing so, you demonstrate it is possible and attainable by others. It takes courage to be your best self and move forward amid chaos. The pain of others should inspire you to contribute your energy in your own unique way. Share all your accomplishments with the world. Express gratitude for the gifts you have received, then pass along your time, energy, wealth, love, and compassion to those in need.

Simply because you are not a soldier fighting a battle, a doctor aiding the sick or injured, or a rescue worker, doesn’t mean your contribution is meaningless. A morning meditation holding peace, compassion, and love for all who seek resolution of conflicts can have an enormous impact, especially when added to similar prayers around the world. A small monetary donation when combined with others can make a huge difference to an organization purchasing supplies for the needy. Raising a child to value peace and compassion is critical. Using your energy and time to volunteer for non-profit organizations shapes the future for those you support. Your courage and dedication to your path aid all.

During this challenging time of war and the continuing effort to contain Covid, your courage to realize your destiny is important to the ongoing development of the world. Live and enjoy your life so others may follow in your footsteps.



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