Are you in the northeast shivering from the third nor ’eastern storm to hit within the last three weeks? Or maybe somewhere in the rest of the country still chilling from the lower than normal temperatures while we await the spring equinox? While you are thinking “Will this winter never end?” have you contemplated the blessings of winter storms? I can hear you now— “Is she crazy?”

As I woke this morning to the sound of rain and wind pounding against the window and roof, I was thanking Father Sky for the needed rain here in Northern California. It has been raining and snowing on and off for two weeks and the prediction if for continuing cold and moisture for the next 10 days. I thought of the benefits winter storms bring that we often overlook as we live through the discomfort of ‘bad’ weather.


1.Wind—is a wonderful gift as it blows away stale air and energy that lingers about us. It wafts away pollution, dirt, dust, allergens and bacteria that hang about in still air waiting for us to suck into our lungs. At best it carries it away over the oceans or high mountains to wash in the moist air or crash against the rocks. At the very least, wind dilutes the negative bits to minuscule particles that render them harmless.

Wind further dissipates the undesirable mental and emotional energy that is generated through arguments, anger, frustration, delays, noise and other excess unresolved energy. It blows away the excess energy hanging around that people unconsciously tap into if they are unfocused.

2.Rain—is an essential element of life that comes in many parts of the country in the winter months through storms. Our reservoirs and underground aquifers are replenished during this time. Rain washes away the accumulation of dirt and debris from leaves, ravines, tree tops, house tops and the corners where it has piled up since the last storm. It refreshes, cleanses and clears.

3.Snow—is the frozen wonderland of rain. The mountains store snow packs, not only for skiers and snowboarders, but for the spring and summer melts to provide water for lowlands, plants and agriculture and for vital drinking water. Besides its beauty, snow brings the silence of winter. On quiet winter mornings while the world sleeps under the purity of the snow blanket, this is the perfect time for introspection, to go within and discover our inner wonderland.

4.Damage from Storms—is healthy. The damage caused by storms draws our attention to roofs that need repairing, windows that need replacing or caulking, doors that need planing, rehanging or resealing, and homes and buildings that have been neglected. Pipes and electrical lines may need replacing or consideration may be needed to placing them underground. Without storms, we wouldn’t know where or when to look for the small cracks that could lead to disaster if left too long.

The same is true with relationships in winter. In other seasons, we get busy with outdoor activities, classes and entertainment. When we are confined in winter because of inclement weather often we need to engage with family members. This can be a welcome time to play games, have conversations, catch up on news or have heart-to-heart talks.

If we avoid binge-watching TV shows or immersion in media games, we may discover there are cracks in our relationships that need repairing before it’s too late. Confinement brings out the best and the worst in relationships. Stormy days are opportunities to define and adapt to each other in love and safety and find the way back to what was once the loving nest, or decide the cabin isn’t big enough for all of you without additional help from a professional. It’s always good to know.

5.Winter always ends—is the good news. Although at times winter seems interminable, the spring equinox is just around the corner. Daylight savings time has ended and the light lasts longer. Cats and dogs are shedding their coats. Signs of the end of winter. The storms will eventually cease and the sun will come out regularly. Spring flowers are making their appearance in the markets if not yet in the ground. Let us all be grateful for the gifts each season brings. What are the blessings this winter has brought you?

Blessings for Health, Prosperity and Love,

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