Are you tired, anxious, depressed, stressed and overworked constantly? Are you looking for the joy, fulfillment, excitement and wonder you used to feel in life? It’s still there. Sometimes we just need a reminder of where to find it. We need to love our self enough to take care of our body, mind and spirit. Many of us ignore our bodies, minds and spirits when taking care of others. Our busyness keeps us from looking at our own needs, desires and wants. Many of us were raised with the message that we need to care for others, with the underlying idea of ignoring our own wants, desires or needs. I was never told to take care of myself when I was growing up. It was all about taking care of the other children, my parents, the church, the charities, the school clubs and whoever else was around. I took this message seriously. I went to school to please my teachers, parents and others eventually becoming a lawyer. Then, I began taking care of my boss, my clients, and my staff. I was working myself to death—literally. I passed beyond burnout into the hospital with a ‘condition’ undiagnosed by doctors for years. When the doctors couldn’t find the cause of my illness, they sent me home to die. With the help of the ancestors and a Cherokee Shaman, I was pulled from death’s door to look at the distorted beliefs of my life. I never questioned that I was ‘supposed’ to do what others demanded of me. I didn’t know what self-love meant. As a recovered from this chronic illness, I recognized what I truly desired and needed for my body, mind and spirit in this life. I discovered my life purpose. I found that healing my deepest genetic traits came from meditation, sufficient rest, good food, love of family and friends. Loving myself enough required me to say ‘no.’ Discovering that I didn’t have to ‘save’ everyone in the world, saved my life, my sanity, my health and my relationships. Finding joy in living everyday turned my life around. Now, I am filled with energy, purpose and love of life. Even if our life purpose is as a doctor, nurse, health care provider, healer, caretaker, service provider in another profession, mother, homemaker, corporate manager or other provider (I love my mechanic, handyman, etc.), find your joy, energy and wellness in self-love and care. Taking care of yourself first allows you to dedicate your joy, happiness and love to others to fulfill your purpose when you are coming from a place of wholeness and love within. Blessings, Ariann

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