Winter is the time for introspection to reflect on the past year, recognize the benefits of the present, and decide to recommit and dedicate our live to our goals of the new year.

When you reflect on 2020, what benefits have you derived in this time of chaos? Stop and take the time to reflect on the drama, trauma, and highlights of 2020. Our lives have been altered permanently with the arrival of the coronavirus. It has infected and killed millions worldwide. Everyone knows someone who has been infected if they have not had the virus personally. Economies are disrupted and our previous business models have shattered. Past injustices have risen to the forefront of our consciousness to be addressed. We have faced political upheavals, social unrest, systemic prejudice and discrimination, and our beliefs in the predictability of life.

Grief, loss, and pain were a huge part of 2020.

And yet, the past year has been a blessing in many ways. Air pollution and fossil fuel use have been greatly reduced as working at home has become standard in many places.

Because of the virus, many changed focus from the external to the internal. We turned our attention to health, keeping families and communities safe, and reducing the spread of the virus through innovative business models. We looked for ways to improve our lives at home and then turned our search to the inward journey. Meditation videos and classes, personal development courses, healing journeys, book sales, and spiritual messages have increased their prominence since we had time and attention to devote to our inner lives. Once our busy-ness was reduced, we found time to search for meaning. We looked for our essential values.

Many people who lost jobs found their true calling in starting their own businesses, taking on-line classes, and taping into their creativity. I have spoken to friends and clients who have prospered in the last year, stepping into their power and developing their talents and skills in new ways. Have you prospered in your health, relationships, business, career, or inner connections during this time of inward movement? Count the blessings you received in 2020. Be grateful for the health, family, home, abundance, and the happiness that you experienced.


In the depths of winter ancient humans would tuck in and avoid the bad weather, engaging in indoor tasks such as weaving, beading, carving, tool making, and learning. Introspection has been the task of winter for millennia since in many parts of the world, it is the only time available when we are not engaged in survival tasks.

Introspection means self-examination, mediation, and analysis. Self-awareness leads to a greater understanding of our connection to the Divine, Nature, and others. Without self-awareness we cannot discover satisfaction in life, happiness, true fulfillment, life purpose, or how to avoid mistakes, correct errors, and make amends. Once we know ourselves, then we can strive to understand others and our relationships and how to improve them.

Meditation, rest, self-examination, and sleep during the long dark days allow us to recharge our inner world to face the outer world stronger. Listen to your inner truth. In the modern industrial world, there is no change of pace for the seasons and it does not permitted our minds, hearts, and bodies to rest and renew. This year with the lockdowns, stay-at-home orders, and travel warnings, we are able to move into the natural rhythm of rest and recharge.

Choose Hope

As we have seen, January 1st is not a magic day where the world is suddenly different from the year before. The energy of 2020 will gradually dissipate as a new wave of energy flows into 2021 bringing change. The new year opens with fresh opportunities for innovation, creativity, renewal, and rebirth of spirit. Every year brings new hope.

Although vaccines are emerging to counter the coronavirus, new strands are already spreading. Like the Spanish flu of 1918 that is still with us today in a much less virulent form, Covid19 in its various configurations will be around for many years. So, we continue to live and adapt to the changing world. But we cannot continue to live in fear and constriction.

Reject fear, constriction, panic, blame, and anger. Choose to live fully and completely in the moment committing to compassion, love, helping others, opening our hearts and minds to a greater truth.

Decide what is important in your life then move into the new year with faith, hope, compassion, and love. Commit to your life fully and completely without fear or doubt. Choose family, friends, service, community, and faith to support you. We create our reality by our beliefs. Believe you will succeed. Believe humanity will prevail over the virus. Believe harmony will be restored. Then act on your beliefs and commitments. Action is necessary once meditation, self-examination, and reflection has shown us the direction the new year is taking.

Wait and watch. Meanwhile, rest in winter safely and happily.

Blessings for Health, Prosperity, Joy, and Love in the New Year, Ariann

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