The most frequent question I get from clients is how do I know if this issue I have in my life is right for Ancestral Lineage Clearing or is it a past life problem, a curse, a karma challenge or  did I just make a bad turn when I was young?

Actually, it is fairly easy to tell if the issue that is disrupting your happiness arises from your ancestral heritage—take a look at the other members of your family and your family history and see if they have the same or similar issues–look at your extended family, not just your parent or siblings.

Let take some examples so you can see what I mean.   Blue Mountains Local Studies via CC BY-SA

Many clients come to me with a variety of financial challenges—not just poverty, as in “I can’t get a job, I can’t make money”—but issues about not having enough money or losing money: I can’t get a decent job; I make a lot of money then my partner steals my business; the industry I was trained has disappeared and I have no other skills; I lost it all my money in the stock market; my business went bankrupt; all my retirement money was lost when my company closed down; I got cancer and had no insurance and all my money went to health care…. Some have been in positions of money, success and power and lost it all and now are bereft.

So we take a look at their families—their grandparents immigrants were successful but went through the depression and then lost everything and never recouped. Their grandparents were Native Americans, African-Americans, or Jewish immigrants whose relatives were slaughtered on the trail of tears, were slaves on plantations with no options for education, jobs or a better life, or came here after the war with nothing but the clothes on their back. Their parents grew up in an atmosphere of poverty, fear and lack. Then the next generation, or the following comes along and their fathers were in the war. When they came out there were no jobs for the thousands of GIs or immigrants flooding from Europe. So when the men got a job they hung on to them even if it was a job he hated but it had security. The fathers may have died with a minimal pension and social security that barely kept mom alive until her death. This does not lead to a consciousness of abundance and prosperity.

Therapist are recognizing that unresolved trauma can erupt in family generations afterwards since it is stored in our biology. Much of this trauma is passed down since it is not expressed in words. People do not speak of the horrors of war, slavery, torture, genocide or other trauma too terrible to express or think of. Thousands die of starvation in war or poverty leaving wordless pain and depression behind. Those traumas live on in our genes and influence us whether we know it or not. We simply live with damaged lives and don’t know why we aren’t happy, successful, loving and filled with joy when we see that good things are all around us.

This is an ideal situation for clearing stuck heritage issues around abundance and happiness issues. The world-wide depression of the 1920s and 1930s followed by WWII formed deep wounds in many cultures around the world that affect the current generations. Obviously the situations dealing with the creation and retention of abundance and prosperity in these generations’ and prior generations’ lives and happiness with a loving partner are intertwined in multiple family histories.

Not every family member may manifest the poverty issue to the degree given in the example above. Some family members have discovered ways to release the trauma and trust themselves and the Universe through education, therapy, self-awareness and loving partners and have escaped the family challenge. Other have chosen different lifestyles that do not involve trauma such as becoming members of religious orders, alternative communities or in other ways.

If you recognize a family pattern of behavior or lifestyle that is adversely influencing your life that you want to change, Ancestral Lineage Clearing is only one of the modalities that you can use. Epigenetics—the science of changing our DNA—has shown that we are not hostages to our heritage whether genetic or behavioral. We can change our ancestral heritage by a variety of techniques depending on the issue involved.

If the issue you want to change is physical such as a health challenge, then exercise, nutritional changes, keeping informed by studying the latest health news, following your health practitioner’s advice, and altering your energy patterns will shift the epigenetics of the health genes in your DNA.

If your challenge is financial then educate yourself, seek financial counseling, therapy, emotional or particularly spiritual counseling to break the old patterns and limiting beliefs around yourself, abundance, and the place you occupy in the world.

If there is an issue about curses, beliefs, limitations in your life, self-esteem, life-purpose, life-partners and relationships help is available in therapy, spiritual and energy counseling, and energy clearing to break links to the past that hold you back from being free to move forward in this life time.

Career limits can be broken with education, moving to a different location with more opportunities, opening up contacts in different fields, career and psychological counseling, spiritual and energy counseling and breaking old beliefs and patterns with the past.

Relationship issues dealing with lack of love, violence in relationships, broken marriages or partnerships, loneliness and lack of self-love and self-worth can be aided with counseling, therapy, energy clearing, self-help courses, psychological counseling, spiritual and energy counseling and breaking old beliefs and patterns with the past.

We are moving into a new paradigm of living knowing that we are not bound by beliefs of the past. We formerly believed we were limited by the heritage of our DNA, the culture we were born into, the rigid religious belief systems indoctrinated into us as children. Now we have discovered we can change the triggers of our DNA heritage as easily as we can alter our belief systems, move into a different culture and change our issues of abundance and prosperity.  Rudolph E. Tanzi Ph.D. and Deepak Chopra in their recent book discuss the development of altering the epigenetics and DNA of our bodies in Super Brain: Unleashing the Explosive Power of Your Mind to Maximize Health, Happiness, and Spiritual Well-Being (2012). There are many healers willing to help and support you in clearing and releasing these traumas from your energy bodies.

These changes don’t occur without effort, support or determination. We must first identify what is standing in our way, what needs to be shifted, be willing to take action to change and know that happiness and love is our true heritage in this life on this planet.

Blessings, Ariann


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