Puck and Ariel

Puck and Ariel

My two cats are happy to have me home from my travels. I am happy to be with their loving spirits too. For those of you who haven’t had a session with me yet, I would like to introduce you to Puck, often known as Mr. Puck, my 12 year-old alpha male orange tabby cat, Puck.

Usuallyone joins me when I do Lineage Clearing sessions helping hold the energy and support clients during their sessions. He comes in when we are ready to do the journey and he generally saunters out afterward. (Cats don’t walk, they saunter.) Several of my clients feel a close connection with him and send him hugs and pets afterward.

Cats and dogs are very intuitive and love the deep spiritual energy of meditation, clearing and healing. Puck, and his sister Ariel, came into my life at a time when I was dealing with the trauma of a divorce and healing from a long-term chronic illness.

 They are both tremendous healers and often join me in the ethers when I meditate. Puck is a battery-pack of healing energy that he happily shares with others. I am grateful for his support for my clients and me. Sister, Ariel, a long-haired tortoise from the same litter, is a much more private cat. She likes to work in the dream time. If I am hurt or achy, she often will lay her paws or her head on whatever part of my body needs healing. I am grateful to them for sharing my life.

 Pets can aid us identify and heal old family patterns. When we first adopt a pet, we begin their integration into the family and home. During their training period, we often see the parenting style we learned from our own background a lot more clearly than with children.

I distinctly remember punishing Puck for some misdeed when he was young. Afterward I realized I had been too harsh when he acted afraid of me. This recalled some childhood incidents when I thought one or the other of my parents was going to kill me. Of course, this was my child’s perception of some difficult punishment, but I recognized the abusive pattern I had adopted when Puck reacted the same way. His reaction helped me recognize the abusive pattern so I could clear it. I never again abused either of my cats.

I have used a water spray technique and loud noises to get their attention to change unwanted behaviors. They never act frightened always come back to me for love and affection later. I know they do not fear me and are secure in their place in my heart.

Pet can be a tremendous source of healing and support during times of illness, stress and trauma. One challenge to keep in mind is to ensure that our pets do not take on the burden of our illnesses. They offer so much unconditional love that pets often take on our burdens. I have known pets who have taken on cancer, brain tumors, diabetes and other serious illness on behalf of their guardians.

We are in much better position to heal our own mental, physical and spiritual wounds than our pets. I have made it clear to Puck and Ariel that I do not want them to accept my stress and trauma. Puck knows he is there to support clients in the Lineage Clearing sessions, not to take on others’ challenges They are not responsible for human challenges in life although I welcome their support as I learn to deal with my own life path and help my clients on theirs.

How did I let them know this? First of all, I told them verbally that I they can help me the most by staying healthy, happy and strong. Then I visualized them being healthy and aiding me in my healing work. During several meditations when I was ill, I asked them into my meditation and clearly sent them instructions to remain healthy while I cleared my pain and illness. At 12 years old they are both strong, healthy and rambunctious. They bring joy and happiness to me every day.

I hope this article has helped you appreciate your pets more and opened up the potential benefits of the healing abilities of your animals. All creatures great and small are here to serve each other in our mutual journey to health, prosperity and happiness.

Many blessings,


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