Attention is needed in the outer world now for peace and harmony. With the invasion in Eastern Europe between Russia and Ukraine, we face the possibility of the escalation of armed conflict once again in the world involving multiple nations. As fears intensify, the potential for continuing violence also grows.


A question often raised is ‘why is there a constant need for war and violence whether between individuals or nations.’ The answer is that we are not at peace within. Greed, envy, power, fear, and self-interest have led to much damage over the millennia. These are the roots of conflict whether personally, in families, or between countries. The need to control others drives the uncertain, the wounded, and fearful to overreach their own boundaries.


When we are not at peace within, our lives are unsettled, the family is disrupted, and the disharmony echoes in the world. The demonstrations, riots, wars, and angry confrontations are a symptom of a lack of balance and harmony. Know that many of the world’s ills come from old, unhealed wounds we don’t recognize. If we are not at peace in our hearts, minds, and spirits, there cannot be peace in the world. Do not get caught up in hate, anger, or fear. It simply fuels the aggression.


If you are concerned about world peace, the reduction in violence, and personal harmony, meditate daily on inner peace, forgiveness of others, compassion for those who are angry, fearful, disruptive, or ill. When we are outraged, angry, fearful, or hateful for those involved in a conflict, we contribute to the problem. Energy flows outward into the collective to continue aggression. Hold love and compassion in your heart to heal all in the midst of war or conflict. Hold those in the Ukraine and in Russia in unconditional love and compassion to restore peace. If we generate peace, compassion and love in our own lives, those qualities emanate outward into the world consciousness. A powerful meditation to use is The Holding. Get your free copy here.


This does not mean we ignore or avoid responding to injustice. We hold firm in our principles of equality, safety, and peace for all. We must stand united against aggressors, in opposing dictators, oppressors, and imperialist, even within our own nation. To stand in our Truth with love and compassion in acting against those who would disrupt the world is honorable. Avoid anger and fear when deciding the action needed to preserve peace. Let truth and love guide decisions and actions needed to stop the violence.


Pray for peace for all those victims and perpetrators of violence and conflict around the world. If we unite in peace and love, it will prevail.

Blessings for peace, harmony, and compassion,


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