2017 ended in a surge of chaotic energy. Most people I spoke with were dealing with storms in their personal and public lives. The usual family winter issues of death and grief, ill health, colds and flu and the usual end of the year financial pressures. The public disturbance of over the disclosure of sexual abuse and harassment in the entertainment, athletic and political arenas, the continuing investigations into Russian involvement in US elections, and uncertainty in the world situation caused continuing fear of war and violence.

With the new year, comes a shift in energy and a new focus. Even though winter weather and cold season continue, we deal with them as we always do, one day at a time with the coping skills at our disposal, taking care of ourselves and each other to the best of our ability.

The public disclosures by girls, women, minorities and those of other sexual orientation of the outrageous abuses that have occurred throughout the decades and suppressed by those in authority have surprised none. These outcries have rallied the opposed to action to cry “Time’s up,” as horror stories continue to be revealed in Hollywood, the university and athletic community, the corporate world and the political arena. The Women’s March in January again mobilized women, minorities and their supporters to gather in capital cities around the world to celebrate women’s gains and protest the unfair treatment of women in the economic and political realms.

The beginning of the year is about acting on your potential. The disclosure movement is a call to action for all of us to stop hiding behind our wounds and in our past. When we take action to heal, to name our oppressors, and stand with others to demand justice we are making the world a better place for ourselves, our families and our descendants.

When we are hurt or abused, particularly as children, we tend to withdraw because the world doesn’t feel safe. All we know is being hurt. As adults, we find other abusers and we often become abusers because we don’t know any other way to be or act in the world. As we heal, we learn to forgive ourselves, our abusers and our past so that we can learn our purpose in this lifetime. Our purpose here on earth is to live in joy and happiness.

We achieve that happiness by finding our potential for fulfillment in our life by exploring our talents, skills, inclinations and dreams. We cannot do this if we live in the pain of the past. So, what potential does this year hold for you? What gift do you have for this year’s future fulfillment? How do you find out? Here are some tips:

  1. Upon awakening imagine the best day you can have with your family and work. You can do a formal meditation or simply take a few moments and just daydream. You enjoy having breakfast with your family before heading out to your job. Listen to pleasant soothing music on the drive. Greet your co-workers with a smile and a pleasant “hello.” Accomplish your tasks cheerfully and to the best of your ability with the knowledge that you are making a contribution to the company, business and world. When you get home, listen to your family members with care, hearing with your heart, their cares and concerns, knowing they need your love and attention. Exchange the love in your hearts and fill the empty spaces for each other.
  2. Walk in nature on your lunch hour, after work or dinner and breathe in the fresh air, notice the trees, plants and animals surrounding you. Walk your dog, pet the cat, talk to the birds. Let Mother Earth nurture you and wash away any negative energy you may have picked up during your interactions with others or objects.
  3. Take time to meditate when you can for 20 minutes. Find the silence within and feel where your soul is leading your life. Your soul will lead you to the potential in your relationship, job, healing, finances and future. In the calm stillness of meditation the Divine speaks to you.
  4. Seek support for your needs. Do you need to let go of past wounds that rise up and erupt in anger, ill health, poor job performance, fear, bad relationship skills? Seek professional help to support you to let go of your issue so that you can live in the present in joy.
  5. Live a healthy lifestyle. Moderate the use of alcohol, drugs, caffeine, sugar and processed food. A healthy body with regular exercise will allow you to think clearly and enjoy your life and family and friends.
  6. Surround yourself with positive people. Studies have shown that a network of like-minded people with positive attitudes who share fun experiences and good times help sustain good mental and physical health.
  7. Be creative and use your potential to build, paint, draw, sew, plant or explore your talents everywhere you are. Use your creative skills at home, work, in the community at school, with your children or wherever you happen to be. Creativity brings out the best in us. It is part of our divine gift to the planet. If you don’t have a place for a garden, go to the co-op or community garden. If you don’t have a place to draw, volunteer at a daycare center or your child’s school, they are always doing art projects for decorations. Be imaginative. Write articles for the local paper on wildflowers. Expand your horizons.

The feminine part of our nature is to nurture, accept, heal, hold, allow and be in the moment. We need the stillness, the quiet and peace to be grounded and centered. But our feminine side needs the balance of our masculine side which calls for creative action, motion, fulfillment and purpose. With the two combined we can realize our destiny.

Your potential for this year is unlimited. The political horizon is wide open now for movement on many fronts, not just political office but for awareness of abuse issues, financial reforms, immigration matters, human dignity and civil right. Your personal potential is wide open for the expansion of your creative powers to use in your personal, family, community and world life. All you have to do is take action. January is the time to plan, to organize and to decide. Your potential is limitless.




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