Continuing Wellness

In the midst of the global news of the pandemic coronavirus, fear and panic are in the air. With the government and business closures, financial hardships are being felt across the world. However, my message remains consistent—we control our destiny with our beliefs, thoughts, actions, and desires.

I am sure you have received many recommendations recently for dealing with the situation. Here are mine:

  1. Stay calm, centered and positive. Yes, easier said than done. Remember: fear diminishes the immune system and leaves it vulnerable to infection. Meditate daily. If you don’t have a regular practice, many meditations are available online, on YouTube, on iTunes or elsewhere. You can do mindful exercises like yoga, Qigong, Thai Chi, running, and stretching to let go of stress, anxiety and worry. Love the coronavirus. It serves a purpose. Send it love and compassion. Thank it for doing its job and leaving the world now that it has gotten our attention.
  2. Limit exposure to negative news and chatter: keep informed of the virus in your area but do not cycle the negativity and gossip. Tune into daily affirmations of wellness, love, positivity and hope.
  3. Take action: follow the health and safety guidelines of cleanliness, social distancing, hand washing, and isolation as directed. This is a serious virus spreading rapidly and needs our cooperation to reduce exposure. Be sensible and careful. Stay safe and healthy.

Positive Activities for when you are homebound:

If you are one of the millions restricted to home, see this as an advantage of a home vacation with your family. Change your perspective and envision this as a life altering gift to allow exploration of new avenues of being. Here are addition suggestions to those you may have considered already.

  1. Take care of your community. The elderly, the health challenged, and the poor are at the most risk in any crisis. Make sure your neighbors have needed resources such as a ride to the grocery store, medication, food, cleaning supplies etc. Check on the elderly if you haven’t seen or heard from them regularly.
  2. Discover remedies, vitamins, supplements, essential oils, and health recommendations that support the immune system, anti-viral support, and read reliable references for viral support that you may want to keep on hand.
  3. Learn about health, viruses, colds, the health care system, health insurance, financial markets, global economy, the impact of the coronavirus on the world. Educate yourself on the impact this global event will have after it is over.
  4. If you are working at home, be more efficient and don’t allow distraction. You many be able to concentrate better without interruptions. Without the dress-up and commute time, there is more time for family.
  5. Turn off electronics. Avoid the temptations of Facebook, Instagram, games, and Netflix and Streaming movies. Instead, take up the craft projects you love or have been wanting to try. If you have children at home, this is a great time to engage their interest in a joint project.
  6. Having said that, stay in touch with loved ones through phones, Zoom, Facebook, or other media. Be social on your networks and stave off depression and isolation by staying in touch with loved ones across the miles.
  7. It’s time for spring cleaning. Cleaning will reduce the chance of infection lingering on surfaces and allow cleansing of household energy. Include clearing and organizing the closet where energy gets stuck. Finish the ‘to do’ list of tasks, such as cleaning out gutters, painting the trim, and sprucing up the interior and exterior of your home. You will feel energized by having a clean and organized home.
  8. Begin or complete the art scheme, poem, song, dance, book or other creative endeavor you have put off because you were too busy or distracted. Become fully immersed in the vision you haven’t had time to complete. This timeout is your gift to engage with yourself.
  9. Get outside and play in the garden. Spring is here, or at least coming. The garden is ready for your attention. Plan, plant, tend, weed, trim, turn the soil over and enjoy the spring flowers and the outdoors.
  10. Exercise your body by walking in nature. Nature is a great healer and builder of immunity. Indoor air is 5 times more polluted than the outside. If you must stay indoors, then yoga, Qigong, Thai Chi, stretching, or any type of exercise is beneficial. On warmer days, fling open the windows to let in the fresh breeze.
  11. Take an online course to exercise your mind. There are fascinating classes in every area available for little to no cost on YouTube, online universities, or various programs to keep anyone interested or entertained.
  12. Listen to podcasts, live broadcasts, radio programs, debates, town halls, informational programs and discussion to broaden engage the mind, heart and soul.
  13. If your business is closed, take an online course to support your professional development in your expertise, marketing, web mail, computer skills, etc. There is always something to learn in business.
  14. Engage your children in games and puzzles. Board games, jigsaw puzzles, card games, and family activities reduce their fear and stress and keep them occupied and happy. Family activities bring everyone closer.
  15. Read a book. You probably have several you have been saving until ‘you had time to get to them.’ Read with the family. Reading together was a much-loved event before television and radio were invented. Then share the ideas from the stories.
  16. Learn about the environment, a good cause, a non-profit for hunger, the homeless, children, etc., and see if there are actions you can take from home to support them while you have the time and energy.

Time is a gift in this busy world. The coronavirus is the impetus the world has needed to shift our consciousness from the frenetic materialism to the softer paced, more home and heart centered living masters have been directing us toward for decades. Travel, fashion, the petroleum industry, shipping and the holiday industries are hard-hit.

This virus has disrupted many consumer industries world-wide. People must focus on survival and community to get through the quarantine periods. Perhaps this devasting virus has come to shift our priority in life; not consumption, not acquisition, nor isolation. Identify your priority. Who is your priority? What is the meaning of your life today?

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Blessings for Health, Wealth, Peace, Happiness, Joy and Love,


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