Fear and anger travel faster than a viral infection, and fear is generally at the core of anger. These emotions are running rampant in the world today as people are reacting to the fear of death, the loss of stability, the grief of uncertainty, and anger is raging as some seek to blame others for the fear arising around them.

We are truly living in chaotic times. No one could have predicted the world we live in today at the beginning of 2020 with extended isolation, continuing deaths and infections from the coronavirus, the financial impact, and the future uncertainty that has impacted the planet. Natural disasters like the wildfires, hurricanes, and tornadoes have always been with us even though they seem more severe this year on top of our other difficulties.

When I meditated on the future, I saw a vision of a huge tidal wave of energy washing over the world. This energy wave began early this year and will continue until next spring at least. My sense is that this energy wave was not in the normal order of our planet but was a temporal shift that had occurred unexpectedly in the here and now.

I saw there were those who rode the top of the energy wave like surfers, riding with the surge, moving, flexing, and flowing. These can manifest the visions and purposes of life, easily, swiftly, and dynamically. They can tap into the new momentum if they manage to control the impulses to force action in a certain direction. Using intuition, creativity, and flowing with this dynamic force will lead to positive, perhaps new direction fulfilling purpose, prosperity, and heart desires. If action is attempted to be forced by will in a direction that ‘might have been’ in the old-time paradigm, manifestation will falter, fail, or be delayed indefinitely. Just like the surfer crashing into the wave moving in a different direction.

Those not riding the energy surge were caught in the undertow of confusion, fear, anger, despair, and loss of the old order that was unexpected from the world of last year. Those who could not flex from their view of a planned future of a settled job, a secure degree, upward mobility, increasing wealth, and a mapped-out future life, are resisting the current flow and finding tension, uncertainty, anger, fear, and confusion. They are roiling in the currents being flung about unable to find a foundation to build a future upon since the future is so uncertain at this time. Emotions become entangled in the chaotic energy if there is no place to direct them. Here is where they manifest as unrest, both personally, socially, politically, and in the family.

Chaos can be beneficial as I have mentioned in the past. It prevents stagnation. Certain inequalities, injustices, and prejudices have been stagnating and repressed underground for generations. This new world chaos has brought racial prejudice, health care discrimination, sexual-orientation intolerance, economic disparity, and injustice into the open to be faced.

The constructive response to chaos is creativity. See the new energy, the new way of being, as an opportunity to shift into a more authentic way of living, being, and loving. Consider the following actions to settle the new energy into your life:

1. Set your priorities and stick with them. Begin with the Big One: What is the number one goal in your life. Decide what is most important. Is it a relationship? Success? Family? Wealth? Purpose?

2. Clarify your goals and the actions needed. Once your priorities are set, establish a plan to fulfill that goal keeping with the flow of energy and being open to opportunities presented to you. Move into the energy of manifestation. Act with purpose, desire, and attention.

3. Just say No. Billionaire, Warren Buffet, stated the essential skill to master to ensure success is to learn to say No. Eliminate the extraneous. Stop fulfilling others’ expectations and diverting energy from your priorities. Stay focused on attracting your desires. Express and release negative emotions, avoid discouraging people, entice the positive in life.

The new energy surging forward can carry us to new heights of manifesting positive purpose and desires for our benefit and that of the planet. Surf the wave of energy. Don’t be caught in the undertow. This can be a time of great creativity and joy. Seize the day.

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