Client’s Present Issue

Client’s family has a history of poor financial decisions, how to handle and make choices about money, lack of self-responsibility, lack of ability to receive, lack of focus around money, resistance to self-responsibility about money choices.

Ancestral Clearing Journey

First Life

Client saw a young woman in a medieval village. She had run away from a boring and predictable life at home to encounter bandits, men who threatened her. She found only hardship and fear on the road. She decided to return home.

Her parents were happy to have her back but felt they could no longer trust her judgment. She also felt uncertain of her own judgment so she decided to defer to her parents’ decisions. They arranged a marriage for her to a man for wealth, position and land. She had no contact with her family after her marriage.

The marriage was a disaster for her. She lived in a castle but her husband was abusive and neglectful as was common in arranged marriages. He felt no affection or concern for her. She had two children, a boy and girl. She had no freedom to leave the grounds or speak to anyone outside the household. Her servants spied on her and reported to her husband. She directed the household and domestic affairs but her husband controlled the money, the children’s education and beliefs. When her young daughter died, she died shortly thereafter of an illness, having nothing to live for. At her death, she felt betrayed, tired and outraged.

Second Life

The Ancestor went back to when she was a child. Her aunt and cousin came to visit. They offered her an opportunity to go to school at a convent and be educated. At school, she learned reading, writing, healing skills and self-esteem. She got the opportunity to travel to other villages and help to educate others in surrounding villages. She occasionally visited her family but she was independent and self-sufficient by the time she grew up.

While she was traveling to the villages, she met a man who was intrigued by her intelligence and ability. They married and had several children. Her husband was a merchant. She became the village healer and teacher, instructing about hygiene so everyone stayed healthy. The women learned how to count and keep track of their crafts. Everyone benefited. She and her husband lived long, prosperous and happy lives. She died shortly after he did, surrounded by her children and grandchildren, happy and fulfilled.

Thoughts to Consider:

  1. How did her ancestor’s first life relate to her issue of lack of financial responsibility?
  2. Did this lifetime affect her relationship with the Universe and her trust in the abundance of the Divine?
  3. How did the choices in the second lifetime alter these issues in this ancestor’s life?
  4. How did the shift in energy change Cheney’s relationship with finances?
  5. How do your beliefs about money and finances affect your relationship with abundance?
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