The Holidays are upon us once again. Where does the time go? Last year I offered 7 Tips for Holiday Happiness and you may want to revisit that article and get some helpful hints if you are getting stressed already over the season that has just begun. The most important concept to remember during this Season to remember is to be Happy. Forget the rest of the holiday hype. Particularly turn off the news. Turn off the commercials. Turn down the volume. The noise and chaos interferes with the beauty and joy.FoterPeacefulXmas

With the recent Paris bombing, the continuing terrorist attacks around the world and the shootings at home it is easy to fall prey to anxiety, fear and worry. The perpetrators are hoping to create this kind of disruption. These harmful emotions do not serve us. I am happy to see so many responses in the (non-network) news and internet that call for compassion for the misguided and wounded people who would target innocents.

In my last article Heal for Your Future and Others I spoke about the triggers that adversely affect our health and attitudes and turn on “bad” DNA such as depression, fear, heart dis-ease, diabetes and other unwanted influences in our lives. Holidays often bring up old memories—sometime good, sometime not-so-good, that may initiate emotional issues or health issues. Science has now found that we can counter these negative effects fairly easily if we pay attention.

One of the most effective ways of changing your genome (the ‘triggering’ part of the DNA mechanism to over simplify it) is to be Grateful. An ‘attitude of gratitude’ can change your life. Wake up and appreciate three good things in your life. Notice the beauty around you with all you senses; the colors, the smells, the sounds, the tastes and the sensations you feel. We often overlook the obvious in our daily rush. Then take a breath and breathe out your gratitude for the joy and beauty of life.

Most especially appreciate the loved ones around you and their place in your life whether they are your partner, parents, children, pets, friends, co-workers, ministers or just the friendly faces at the grocery store. Be grateful for their presence and the love they bring to your heart.

Love changes the genomes of dis-ease to activate the positive forms of our cells. Endorphins stave off depression, certain types of mental illness, heart disease and other illnesses. Love is good for you if you recognize and acknowledge that you have it in your life.

Science has verified through studies that dedicated meditation can heal cells and hold off aging. Most people say they don’t have time for meditation during the holidays because of their busy schedules. Actually you don’t have time Not to meditate. It will keep you grounded, balanced, healthy and happy. Some people say they can’t meditate. Begin with the simple breathing or visualization meditations. There are many you can download for free on the internet. Finding the calm still center of your body will heal your life in many ways.

Spread joy and happiness wherever you are. Smile, greet people with a positive, upbeat acknowledgement and express approval of small good works. You will spread good cheer throughout the season and throughout the year if you have a positive attitude take positive actions and have a positive heart. Be kind. A little kindness can change a person’s life. It can make a child feel like a prince or princess. It matters more than a million bucks.

Surrender all your worries, anxiety and fear to the Divine. They merely interfere with your health and your positive genomes. Foster a positive outlook and love your life, your family, friends and all you meet. Greet the season with joy and happiness. Express gratitude and kindness and your heart will be filled with love and the blessing of health and long life.

Many blessings for a Joyous Season of Love,

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