As we listen to the news of the world, I’m sure you are as distressed as I am about the violence and the threat of violence that continues to escalate. Violence always arises from fear. Fear of not having enough, being enough, being threatening with having your life, family or possessions taken away, your future welfare at risk, or your safety and security threatened.

The person being threatened then lashes back with violence. Violence doesn’t solve any problem; it merely creates new ones. Why do we continue to react in such non-productive ways? Because it is in our genes. We are replaying endless scenarios and themes that have been repeated for millennium because these wounds have never healed.

If we look at history we read about a succession of wars written by the victors who have repressed the conquered victims. The victors took away their lands, their families (often making them slaves or servants), their other property, their dignity, their culture, their safety, security and their ability to control their future.  

The victims were left with feelings of rage, hopelessness, helplessness, horror, depression, loss of identity and self-esteem, guilt and poverty. After several generations, these emotions became embedded in the DNA of their descendants.

The victors didn’t escape unscathed either. Although they walked off with the bounty, they were now burdened with the responsibility with managing land, property, people, cultural direction, sometimes religious order, military discipline, further conquest and control. They could never walk away from their guilt, burdens and responsibilities for the order of the world. They were not only in control, they were controlled. This was in their DNA.

These genetic forces continually create stresses in the world today as we continue to replay over and over again the conflicts that gone on for generations. Unless and until we heal the wounds of the past we will continue to repeat them.

Forgiveness is essential for both sides. As we reincarnate throughout the ages, we find in one lifetime we are the oppressor and in the next we are the victim. The wheel of karma continues to spin so we experience all emotions. Only through love and compassion can we understand and move forward to a peaceful future.

As we incarnate in a particular family in a lifetime, we choose to experience the genetic heritage inherent in that lineage. Are we a victor or victim in this lifetime? We have the ability to choose. “Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.” Les Brown

We can choose violence or peace; anger or forgiveness; hatred or love. We choose our emotions every moment of every day. We are in charge of our live and how we choose to live it. It is our obligation in this lifetime to heal the wounds of the violence of the past and present. We can do this by several methods.

As you know, I use Ancestral Lineage Clearing to connect people with their ancestors to clear the original issues of fear, anger, violence, racism and other issues from the past that are affecting the present generations so that they will not influence the future generations. There are other healing modalities that clear these issues through Shamanic healing, Buddhist traditions have ancestor healing methods, spiritual or religious counseling can support healing; hypnotherapy can reach deep-seated past lives victim issues, as well as other energetic and traditional healing techniques.

We are not locked into the past or our family history or belief system. We can change our lives, our genetics, our perspective, our emotions and our outlook by opening our heart to love and compassion. “The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Look to the children. If we put a group of mixed race, religion, sex and cultural infants together, we see a playful bunch of babies interacting without regard to who their parents are, where they came from, what they believe, whether they are boys or girls or what their skin color is. They just have fun. Only as they grow are they taught prejudice, racism, discrimination, classicism, fear, hatred and violence.

Humans were designed to live together as children live until fear began to rule us. Whenever I contact an ancestor, the message of love and trust comes through clearly. Trust yourself. Trust the Divine. Be happy and live in love and joy.

Blessings, Ariann

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