Our Divine nature is to be whole, healthy and well. Our bodies are designed to recover from dis-ease, injuries and illness. Everyone has an integral immune system to fight off dis-ease, a bacterial array to help our digestive system, and an external skin suit to heal wounds when injured.

Then, why don’t we simply heal? We can and generally do heal many of the wounds and diseases that occur throughout life. We only notice the ones that challenge us. No one can heal us. Only we can heal ourselves. Others can support us in our healing process and lend us their knowledge, skills and expertise, but we are in control of healing our bodies, minds and spirits.

Some people have DNA that gives them a propensity for certain dis-eases. Epigenetic research shows that we each choose to trigger the expression of the illness by our belief, lifestyle and environment. If we have chosen to manifest an illness, perhaps we need to learn the lesson healing the dis-ease may give us. Some of the greatest healers of the planet through the ages have healed themselves of grave wounds or illnesses in order to show others how to heal.

The underlying factor for healing and dis-ease is free will. We choose how our bodies experience this world. I can hear the uproar now. “Oh no! I didn’t choose this dis-ease, accident, illness, deformity, etc. etc.” I have said the same thing.

Then, after I healed the chronic dis-ease and pain of 15 years, I looked back and saw the benefit and gift I received. I certainly don’t remember making the choice. Perhaps it was a soul choice I made before I incarnated on earth. I now understand that I chose this path to learn how to heal myself and what free will means. Now I can choose whether to take care of myself, to live fully and well without pain and suffering and learn my lessons differently. If we can choose to trigger dis-ease, illness or injuries, we can also choose to heal them.

A client often asks if an Ancestral Lineage Clearing session to clear a family dis-ease will heal a son’s, daughter’s, brother’s, sister’s, father’s (other relative’s) case of the disease? Clearing the Ancestor’s field of the negative energy will shift this field for the client and related family members, they will be affected. The question remains: will this heal them? My response is they will have the opportunity to heal because the energy that has influenced the family and given them the propensity or the tendency to attract this dis-ease will have shifted. The family will feel the shift in energy. However, each relative has Free Will and they must choose whether to accept the healing energy or not.

We cannot force anyone else to heal. Another person may not have learned what he/she needs to know from their injury or dis-ease. Anna cleared a family pattern of a generationally inherited dis-ease that caused an early death for many ancestors, including the mother of the family. After the lineage clearing, her condition improved and eventually cured as did her sister’s. Both of them followed their doctor’s orders, and changed their diet and lifestyle. Their brother continued to engage in high risk behaviors, and failed to follow doctor’s orders. His health condition deteriorated. He had the right to choose how to live his life.

No one can guarantee healing because it is a personal decision and a free will choice. Many factors are involved and no outsider can know the issues at stake. Many times, the decisions are made on a spiritual or karmic level to fulfill our destinies in this lifetime. Therefore, no judgment can attach to the choice made by the individual.

We are all here in love to experience the beauty and variety of Mother Earth. Let us choose to live in health, peace, abundance and love.

Blessings for Health, Prosperity, Peace and Love, Ariann


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