financialHealing Financial Wounds

The economy is picking up. Jobs are getting easier to find. However, many are still unemployed, underemployed or dissatisfied with their jobs and are still struggling to make ends meet. For generations folks have been straining to tap into the abundance and prosperity of the world.

Quantum Theory tells us that we create our reality.

If there is sufficient energy and particle forms to manifest whatever we want,why do we have so much difficulty accessing what the Universe desires for us?

The majority of humanity hasn’t learned to harness this energy because we do not believe we can or we deserve to have what we desire. In our history as humans we managed to survive first from other stronger predators, then to survive from multiple forms of predation from other humans like physical and sexual abuse, slavery, subjugation, war and religious persecution.


Abuse begins on a personal, individual basis then extends outward to multiple people. Abuse is always about power. The abuser desires to extend their own personal power beyond their own field. The abusee gives away their power and submits to the abuser. This is true on a personal, national and international level. It is the basis for wars, religious conflicts, slavery and economic disparity. The abusers intimidates in many way using threats, physical harm and even love as the power behind the abuse. At its absolute, the abuser kills. The abusee submits through fear or need and sometimes because it is easier than resisting.


After generations of abuse, people incorporate fear,

an expectation of abuse, submissiveness, lack of self-esteem, lack of initiative, passivity, inertia, self-effacement and irresponsibility in varying degrees in our personalities and our lives. The need to be loved is often the motivation behind the acceptance of abuse. We may be strong and self- confident when it comes to personal relationships but when it comes to dealing with authority figures, we wimp out. Or we can manage our jobs and homes effectively but cannot figure out how to balance out check book, create a budget or save for retirement. Sometimes we just want someone to tell us what to do or take care of us. We may be afraid if we accumulate too much ‘someone’ will take it away from us, so we make sure we never have too much.

If you were taught limitations as a child by your family you may believe the reality of poverty, lack and want. You incorporate the poverty consciousness of your family and friends and believe that reality when they say you will never get ahead, the world is a harsh place and life is unfair. Every time we say or think a ‘poverty’ word or thought, limitation is reflected back.

Or you can break the beliefs of the past generations, stop the abuse and take back your power. Family patterns of financial lack were created from a misunderstanding of the laws of the universe that your ancestor did not know how to change. Through my practice with clients, I have found that our ancestors made decisions not fully understandings the consequences (haven’t we all) that resulted in financial wounds later carried down through generations.  


Our ancestor then may have been killed, imprisoned, enslaved, starved to death, had the family thrown into debtors prison or had other disastrous events occur.

Indeed, in other cases the opposite may have happened. If your ancestors were wealthy and never had to manage money, there may be a lack of understanding of the principles of creating and manifesting.  


Or if your ancestors were from a tribal culture where money was not a medium of exchange, they never gave a thought to creating, budgeting and spending such an abstract energy form like currency within today’s current cultural limits; this lesson may be a foreign concept in your heritage.


These types of patterns have caused fear, self-doubt, and constriction, lack of trust in the divine order which may now be incorporated into present and future generations. Unless the pattern is broken it will continue.


The good news is the patterns can be broken. Only you can create your reality. Once we a) identify what is holding us back, b) we can release the limiting beliefs c) to heal and free ourselves and future generations.  Then we can d) reset the energy of abundance and prosperity that Spirit generated and moves through the force of the Universal Laws of Attraction and e) manifest our desires of health, abundance, happiness and joy into our lives and the Divine intended.


The World is at our fingertips. Our Destiny is to enjoy this life in joy and bliss. The journey is one of discovery. Part of that discovery is letting go of the past that doesn’t serve us or our families any longer. Let Ancestral Lineage Clearing support your healing.


Many Blessings for Health, Happiness, Peace Prosperity& Joy,



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